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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016

Profiled Tests

Oracle HCTS application enables you to perform testing based on the profiles having different test coverage and stress levels. There are currently two profiles that are previously implemented in the system. You can select any of the following system profiles.

  • sys12: A system test that runs for about 12 hours.

  • sys24: A system test that runs for 24 hours.

Figure 8  Profiled Tests

image:Profiled Tests

To Perform the Profile Tests

Before You Begin

Before performing the profile tests, you must ensure that the following system requirements are satisfied.

  • Hardware Requirements: Two systems are required.

    • System Under Test (SUT): The SUT is the system that is to be certified or that has the component that needs to be certified.

    • Test Manager (TM): The TM is the system that is already certified as Oracle Solaris OS compatible.

    To learn more about the SUT and TM, click the Help button in the GUI or see Configuring Test Machines to Run Oracle HCTS.

  • Software Requirements: Oracle Solaris 10 OS or the Oracle Solaris 11 OS.

  • Configure the network and storage environment as required for the system certification.

    See System Certification to know how to configure your system for the Oracle HCTS system certification.

    • GUI Mode:

      If you are using the GUI mode, perform the following steps.

      • Click the Optional Test button in the main window.

      • Click the Profile Test tab.

      • Select the profile that you want to execute.

      • Click the Start button.

    • CLI Mode:

      In the CLI mode, type the following command in the terminal.

      # hctscli test-profile sys12 | sys24