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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016

Creating the Oracle HCTS Test Environment

The Oracle HCTS environment is created based on the type of hardware or system that needs to be certified. Based on the method of creating test environment, the hardware or systems can be categorized in the following four groups.

  • System, network, InfiniBand, InfiniBand SR-IOV Virtual Functions, WiFi, Suspend/Resume feature, network performance feature, serial I/O, Ethernet network switch, and NIC FMA testing that requires TM and SUT.

  • FCoE testing requires storage certification and network certification to be done on FCoE devices. For FCoE requirement, refer to the requirements of storage and network testing.

  • External Storage Testing that required four machines. For more information, see External Storage Certification Environment Setup.

  • USB, storage, storage performance, CD/DVD, CPU/Memory, audio, tape drive, video , and Storage FMA testing that requires only the SUT.