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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016

Submitting a Virtual Platform to the Oracle Solaris HCL

Run the Oracle HCTS system certification test to certify the virtual platform.

If the hypervisor supports several options for network configuration or storage configuration when creating a virtual machine, each option should be tested at least once. This test might result in the execution of the Oracle HCTS system certification test several times.

If the hypervisor supports both the Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) guest and the para virtual guest, then each type of guest should be tested.

If the hypervisor can run on multiple host operating systems, test the virtual platforms on each host operating system separately. You need not certify the virtual platforms on all the host operating systems that the hypervisor supports. Only those host operating system that are tested on the virtual machines are listed in the Oracle Solaris OS HCL.

To list a virtual platform as Certified on the Oracle Solaris OS HCL, submit the following information to the Oracle HCTS team for auditing and publishing purposes.

  1. Information about the hypervisor product. Include the company name of the hypervisor provider, name of the hypervisor, and the version of the hypervisor.

  2. Information of the RHS, manufacturer name, model name, and BIOS version.

  3. Information of the host operating system if applicable, name of the manufacturer, name of the operating system, and version number.

  4. Oracle HCTS test result packages. If there are multiple test result packages, explain them in the note.

  5. Submitter information. Submitter's name, email address, and company name.

  6. Any nonstandard configuration of the RHS, host operating system, hypervisor product, and the Oracle Solaris OS.

Note - Virtual platforms cannot be submitted to the HCL for this release. However, you can send your feedback.