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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016


To test the ath0 interface in the SUT machine, with the wireless network name HCTS_WiFi, which is not encrypted.

Type the following command to prepare WiFi certification testing environment.

ifconfig ath0 plumb
dladm scan-wifi ath0 (-- Ensure wireless network "HCTS_WiFi" appears in the output.)
dladm show-wifi ath0 (-- Ensure status of "ath0" is "disconnected".)
dladm connect-wifi -e "HCTS_WiFi" ath0
dladm show-wifi ath0 (-- Ensure ath0 is connected to "HCTS_WiFi".)
ifconfig ath0 dhcp
ping <TM's IP address>