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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016

Placing the Access Points

Pick a good location for the APs that are involved in the testing process. The stability and actual transfer speed during testing depends on the physical placement of the APs and the antenna of the target card. For the optimal testing environment, use the following tips to place your APs.

  • Place the APs close to the antenna of the target card.

  • Antennas of the APs and the target card should be inline to one another. Put your face next to the antenna to find whether the other is visible.

  • Antennas transmit weakly at the base where they connect. Hence, do not expect a good reception from the bottom of an AP.

  • Keep the antennas at least 0.6 meters from the metal fixtures such as sprinklers, pipes, metal ceiling, reinforced concrete, and metal partitions.

  • Keep the AP away from large amounts of water such as fish tanks and water coolers.

  • Place the antennas away from various electromagnetic noise sources, especially those in the 2400 to 2500 MHz frequency band.

    The following sources create noise:

    • Computers and fax machines - should not be closer than 0.3 meters

    • Copying machines, elevators, and cell phones - should not be closer than 2 meters

    • Microwave ovens - should not be closer than 3 meters