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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016

USB CD/DVD Reader Tests

You need to perform the following CD/DVD reader manual tests.

  • Plug or unplug test

  • Boot computer test

To Perform the Plug or Unplug Test

Before You Begin

Before starting the automated USB CD/DVD reader certification, unplug the CD/DVD reader to be certified from the SUT then plug it back. Repeat this test 10 times.

  • Start the Oracle HCTS 5.8 UI.

Expected Result

After this step, Oracle HCTS can detect the CD/DVD reader to be certified.

To Perform the Boot Computer Test

  1. Insert a bootable Oracle Solaris OS installation disk in the CD/DVD reader to be certified.
  2. Reboot the SUT machine.
  3. Change the SUT settings to boot from the USB CD/DVD drive.
  4. Save this change and start the SUT.

Expected Result

After Step 1, SUT boots from the CD/DVD reader and the Oracle Solaris OS installation process begins.