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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016

Requirements for Certifying External Storage Devices

External Storage certification has certain hardware and software requirements.

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements for certifying External Storage Devices can be schematically represented as shown in the following figure.

image:The image shows the set up of External Storage Certification,
with one test server, 3 hosts and an external storage device. The steps for
the test are described in the sections that follow.

The hardware requirements to certify External Storage devices are as follows.

  • Four servers are required. One as the test server, and the other three as hosts are connected to external storage.

  • Set up at least two multi-hosted disks on external storage for Host01, Host02, and Host03.

  • Each host should have two connections to the external storage (for multi-path).

  • Host01, Host02, Host03, and test server can be accessed each other through Ethernet.

Software Requirements

The software requirements to certify External Storage devices are as follows.

  • The platform of Host01, Host02, Host03 should be the same.

  • Install same Oracle Solaris release on Host01, Host02, Host03.

  • The tests require reboot process, make sure the network configuration of Host01, Host02, Host03 stay the same after rebooting.