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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016

Oracle HCTS on Virtual Platform

If you have installed the Oracle HCTS application on the Oracle Solaris OS or the Oracle Solaris 11 OS that is running as a guest on the virtual platform, you can only certify the whole system, but not an individual component. Hence, the Component Certification button is not be seen on the Oracle HCTS screen. An individual component in the virtual platform might not be valid for the Oracle Solaris OS HCL submission. The Oracle HCTS window in the virtual platform shows the hypervisor name on which the guest OS is being installed.

The following figure shows the Oracle HCTS application window on the virtual platform.

Figure 13  Virtual System Certification

image:The image shows the screen shot of
                                                  Virtual System Certification on GUI. You can use
                                                  this screen to certify your system.

The result packages are generated after the testing is complete. The term VM is appended to the filename indicating that the package was generated from the virtual platform.

The system setup and the other test procedures remain the same as that of the hardware platform. The procedure for testing the components and creating the custom test plan remains the same as that on the hardware platform which is described in Chapter 4.