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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016

Setting Up Access Points

You need to set up the following parameters for WiFi certification.

  • Provide the name or Service Set Identifier (SSID) of the AP:

    Provide the name or SSID of the AP to a string that is easy to remember and one that clearly indicates that the AP is involved in testing, for example HCTS_test. Write the existing name (SSID) so that you can select the correct wireless network from the Oracle HCTS UI in the automatic network setup mode or execute the connect commands in the manual network setup mode.

    Some special characters such as, :, ?, and \ have certain meanings in the Oracle Solaris OS and are handled differently. If these characters appear in the name of a wireless network, Oracle HCTS might behave abnormally. Although some special characters might be valid in your AP, use an alphanumeric string as the name of the wireless network for the Oracle HCTS test.

  • Provide the IP address of the AP:

    The IP address of the AP should be in the same subnet as the TM, SUT, and the target card. Provide an IP address that does not conflict with the existing IP address of the TM and the IP address that the target card uses. Set the AP to use the IP address you provided. Alternatively, you can change the TM's IP address and the IP address that the target card uses.

  • Enable the DHCP server function and set up a proper IP address pool:

    To verify that the target card can get the IP address from the AP and works correctly in the subsequent data transfer job, the DHCP server function of the AP needs to be enabled. Simultaneously, set up a proper IP address pool to ensure that the target card gets an IP address valid for Oracle HCTS testing. Refer toSoftware Requirements and the man pages to learn the valid IP address for Oracle HCTS testing in the automatic and manual network setup mode.

    If your AP supports IP address reservation, that is, always offers the assigned IP to a certain MAC address, set the valid IP address for Oracle HCTS testing for the target card into the IP address reservation table.

    If your AP supports MAC filter, which means that only the wireless client adapters with registered MAC addresses can connect to the AP, enable the DHCP function and add the MAC address of the target card to the allowed MAC address list of the AP.

  • Change the transfer mode to the mode to test:

    Your AP might have advanced options for transfer modes. Keep the default value unless you have to change them.

    For channel setting, unless you must use a specific channel, retain the setting to let the AP automatically choose a channel.

    If your AP has a region setting that enables you choose the country or area that the AP is working, ensure that you select the correct place. It might not be legal to operate the AP in a region other than the specified region. If your country or region is not listed, check with your local government agency or check the web site of the AP vendor for more information about the channels.

  • Change the encryption protocol to the protocol to test:

    Your AP might have advanced options for encryption protocols. Leave the default option in place unless you have to change them.

    To test encrypted transfer, set the key or pass phrase for the wireless network. Note the key or pass phrase that you set for reference.

    If you plan to test WPA (TKIP) or WPA2 (AES), ensure that you do not set a very short key renewal period. If the specified key renewal period is short, the network load for key renewal becomes very high and communication becomes unstable. Set the key renewal period to one hour or more.