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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.8

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Updated: November 2016

Installing the Oracle HCTS SCSI Test For External Storage Certification

You should install the Oracle HCTS SCSI test package and the Oracle HCTS application on both the TM and the SUT systems to certify External Storage. This section describes the following procedures.

Extracting the Oracle HCTS SCSI Test File Content

The Oracle HCTS 5.8 SCSI test archive is a tar file from which you need to extract the contents. The name of the downloaded file is hcts. 5.8.tscsi-${ARCH}.tar.gz. The ${ARCH} value represents the processor type, that is SPARC or x86. For example, the SCSI test package for x8 6 platform is named as hcts. 5.8.tscsi-x 86.tar.gz.

To extract the Oracle HCTS SCSI test file content, type the following command on each machine.

# gzip -cd hcts.5.8.tscsi-${ARCH}.tar.gz | tar xvf -

The contents are extracted to a directory called SUNWtscsi, which is placed in the directory where you have downloaded the Oracle HCTS SCSI test package. The SUNWtscsi directory contains the SUNWtscsi package.

Installing the SUNWtscsi Package

Installing the SUNWtscsi package verifies that no previous version of the SUNWtscsi package exists on your system. If SUNWtscsi is already installed on the system, uninstall the existing version.

On each system, perform the following steps to install the SUNWtscsi package.

  1. Log in as a root by using the su command.

    # su
  2. Add the SUNWtscsi package.

    # /usr/sbin/pkgadd -d . SUNWtscsi

Check for any questions or error messages from the installation and respond accordingly. The SUNWtscsi installation performs the following actions.

  • Verifies that no version of the SUNWtscsi is already installed on the system.

  • Installs the package SUNWtscsi into the /opt directory.