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Accelerate Innovation with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing
Oracle - Autonomously Manage IT Operations

Find out how you can eliminate the human effort associated with traditional management toolsets while achieving better performance.

Accelerate Innovation with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing
Accelerate Innovation with Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

Larry Ellison details how Oracle Database technology maximizes performance and security through machine learning.

Next Wave of Autonomous Services Now Available
Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud

Automate conversational experiences with intelligent chatbots.

Oracle Autonomous Database Virtual World Tour
Accenture Unveils Real-Life Performance Results for Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
Hertz Speeds IT Projects with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
Hertz Speeds IT Projects with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

Supercharge Platforms with Autonomous Cloud

Oracle Supercharges Cloud Platform with New Autonomous Services

Based on machine learning, Oracle Autonomous Cloud represents a new category of software automation. Oracle recently introduced Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud—an incredibly important milestone. In addition, several new Autonomous Cloud services are already available, including Autonomous Application Development, Autonomous Integration, and Autonomous Analytics. Oracle Autonomous Cloud leverages the power of AI and machine learning to deliver self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing autonomous capabilities. This dramatically transforms how companies innovate by simplifying processes, reducing inefficiencies, and allowing companies to free resources to focus on innovation. With Oracle Autonomous Cloud, companies can lower costs, reduce risks, accelerate innovation, and get predictive insights.

  • Auto provision, secure, monitor, back up, recover, and troubleshoot
  • Instantly grow and shrink compute or storage without downtime
  • Adaptive intelligence-enabled cyber threat detection and remediation
  • Automatic data encryption, security patches application
  • Automated protection from
  • Up to 99.995 percent availability*. < 2.5 minutes downtime per month, including planned maintenance

The future of tomorrow’s successful enterprise IT organization is in full end-to-end automation. 

—Thomas Kurian, President, Product Development

As the digital economy becomes ever more pervasive, demand for smart and innovative apps continues to grow. Enterprise developers are embracing AI and ML cognitive platforms to innovate faster and drive change. We believe that enterprises who adopt self-driving solutions with strong AI and ML capabilities will be in a favorable position to reduce the cost of building next-generation applications, while increasing the speed to market and being able to operate those apps efficiently and securely.
—Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc.

In addition to the self-driving, self securing, and self-repairing foundational capabilities that are shared by all Oracle Cloud Platform services, additional autonomous capabilities by functional areas include:

    • Automated data discovery and preparation
    • Automated analysis of key findings along with visualization and narration
    • Proactive personalized delivery
    • Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud
    • Easy: Deploy a data warehouse in minutes: no manual tuning or database experts needed
    • Fast: Built on Oracle Exadata, using capabilities such as parallelism, columnar processing, and compression to deliver unmatched performance and scalability
    • Elastic: Independently scale storage and compute resources with database services running, pay only for what you use
    • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
    • Self-learning chatbots observe interaction patterns and preferences to automate frequently performed end-user actions
    • Smart bots enabled by machine learning for fluid conversations using natural language
    • Automated caching of API calls to nearest data center in real time for lowest latency responses based on end-user location
    • Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise
    • Preventive controls to intercept data leaks across structured and unstructured data repositories
    • Auto maintenance of performance and security monitoring metadata with AI/ML and unified data repository (thresholds, topologies, AI tuning, etc.)
    • Oracle Management Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Application Development
  • Application and Data Integration
  • Data Management
  • Mobile and Bots
  • Security and Management

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Business Benefits

Oracle Cloud Platform’s built-in autonomous capabilities transform the way cloud services are delivered and consumed. Benefits for organizations include:

* Downtime may vary based on services

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