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Oracle Contracts

Support Policies
Support Policies


Support Policies

Oracle’s standard contracts and order documents incorporate various policies and practices that apply to the Oracle Support Services you may have ordered. You can find information about these policies and practices by selecting the links below.

Lifetime Support Policies

The Lifetime Support Policies describe Oracle’s Lifetime Support stages for all of your Oracle products.

Technical Support Policies

Oracle’s Technical Support Policies govern the delivery of Support Services. They outline the support terms, service offering descriptions, and delivery obligations for the various Premier Support Services. You can go to the general Technical Support Policies page for more information, or go directly to a particular policy below.

Oracle Security Practices

Oracle’s Global Customer Support Security Practices apply to standard technical support services and hardware warranty services. They describe Oracle’s overall approach to information security as well as the specific security controls applied to standard technical support services and hardware warranty service. In addition, Oracle also has Corporate Security Practices that describe the security practices implemented pursuant to Oracle’s Corporate security program, and adhered to by Oracle for its operational and services infrastructure under its control, including Oracle’s corporate network and systems.

Oracle Support Portal Terms of Use

The Oracle Support Portal Terms of Use govern the use of Oracle’s web-based technical support services.

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