Oracle Insight for CFOs

Oracle Insight for CFOs
Gain Control and Identify Opportunities
Cloud ERP Strategy

How can you leverage cloud ERP—on a budget?

Is your on-premises ERP system holding you back? Cloud ERP enables you to respond quickly to changing business conditions. Leverage cloud ERP solutions to meet complex regulatory requirements and optimize decision-making.

Implementing Cloud ERP

How can you plan a successful move to cloud ERP?

Get maximum value from your cloud ERP investment. Leverage best practices to establish early wins. Avoid the common deployment mistakes. Ensure that your cloud ERP implementation is aligned with business goals.

Gaining Value from Cloud Technology

How can you gain control of technology costs?

Is it time to trade on-premises capital costs for the ongoing expenses of the cloud? Examine all the factors—including TCO, time to value, and IT resources—to determine which is the best investment for your organization.

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