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Take a 360° view of your Oracle investments

Enjoy a clearer picture of what Oracle assets you have, along with comprehensive insights and actionable next steps.

With Entitlement Intelligence, your business can manage Oracle software assets with confidence and gain the knowledge to support future transformation initiatives.

Fact Sheet: Entitlement Intelligence

What's the value of having full visibility of your Oracle investments? Whether your organization is globally dispersed or you've recently undergone a merger or acquisition, Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) provides Oracle customers an analytical view of their software assets to help support complex resolutions such as growing investments, divestitures, reducing IT expenditures, cross-charging between entities, or payments in multiple currencies.

Entitlement Intelligence

"I manage a team of database administrators who support multiple database platforms, with half of our environment running on Oracle. Software Investment Advisory provided an Entitlement Intelligence analysis which allowed my team to better understand our Oracle licensing entitlements and the support/analyses we can request to review our ROI with our ULA, determine deployments, and have a view of the benefits we could receive by migrating to Cloud."

Senior Data Engineering Manager, Large Financial Services Company

"Without a doubt I would recommend SIA services to any company because of the "X-ray view" it gave us into all of our licensing. The only opportunity for improvement I see is for all companies to be aware that SIA services exist."

IT Manager, Large Chemical Manufacturer

Expand your view of entitlements across the business



Understand in detail what you own by gaining an enterprise-scale view of your Oracle entitlements.



Mobilize current investments as part of any cloud migration.



Understand your options for using Oracle’s Bring Your Own License (BYOL) to PaaS program.



Decrease time and resources spent on asset management.

The Entitlement Intelligence process


Discuss your preferred data points and dashboard.


Perform an initial assessment of a specific region or department.


Evaluate the findings and expand the process across your business.


Review your Entitlement Intelligence report, a comprehensive analysis of your Oracle software investment.