Database as a Service

Database as a Service

Enterprise Manager 13c provides the most comprehensive solution for rolling out an Oracle-based Database as a Service Cloud for users in an enterprise. It offers the broadest and the most complete set of capabilities to build, deploy and manage the end-to-end lifecycle of the cloud, all from a single console.

Product Features

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Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database

Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database delivers capabilities spanning the entire Database cloud lifecycle. It lets Cloud administrators identify pooled resources, configure role-based access, define the service catalog, and the related chargeback plans.

Richer Service Catalogs

Enterprise Manager 13c enables broader service catalogs and self-service provisioning features that simplify high availability and disaster recovery. The role-based Service Catalog lists published service templates for standardized database configurations and versions, and is accessible via the out-of-box self service portal or can be orchestrated via RESTFUL:APIs.

Database Consolidation

Enterprise Manager provides unmatched architectural options for database consolidation. The solution delivers a choice of DBaaS service models, including virtual machines on shared severs, dedicated DBs on shared servers, dedicated Schemas (Schema as a Service), and Pluggable databases (Pluggable as a Service) using Oracle Database 18c Multitenant.

Database Cloning and Continuous Data Refresh

Enterprise Manager provides complete cloning automation, including Snap Clone and full cloning, which can support a wide range of activities from performance testing to functional testing. All cloning services come integrated with data masking and the ability to change configuration and software versions. Cloud administrators can manage the complete life cycle of the source data including capturing data on demand as well as refreshing the data and creating new revisions of the profile.

Cloud Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance allows administrators to patch and upgrade database software with minimal downtime. The subscription based model enables updates at scale across the entire cloud infrastructure, significantly reducing the time required for maintenance activities. An out-of-box dashboard enables administrators to track compliance across cloud environments in real time.