Packaged Applications Management

Heterogeneous (Non-Oracle) Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager manages non-Oracle components with a comprehensive set of Plug-ins and Connectors listed at the Oracle Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange. The Self Update mechanism in Enterprise Manager allows customers to download/import and deploy extensions built by Oracle, our numerous partners, and customers themselves. These extensions are built upon the same management framework used for Oracle's own product and enjoy the same level of stability and richness.

Non-Oracle Database Monitoring

The Oracle Enterprise Manager System Monitoring Plug-ins for Non-Oracle Databases deliver comprehensive availability, performance and configuration information for a variety of non-Oracle databases, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of managing IT environments that have a mix of database technologies. Administrators running packaged and custom applications on top of Oracle systems and non-Oracle databases can now centralize all of the monitoring information in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, model and view the complete topology of their applications, and perform comprehensive root cause analysis.

Management Connectors

The Oracle Enterprise Manager Management Connectors enable sharing of event and incident information to third party management systems. Connectors provide event and incident management integration by forwarding event or incident details to create, update, close, and reopen alerts or tickets based on the event or incident in Enterprise Manager. The connector monitors all events sent from Oracle Enterprise Manager and automatically updates alert information in the third party system.