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Enterprise Manager Database Migration Workbench

Solution Overview

Enterprise Manager Database Migration Workbench is now available to easily guide you through moving your database workloads to Oracle Cloud, by automating and organizing all the database migration phases and associated tasks.

You can now perform database migrations to the Oracle Autonomous Database more efficiently and with improved accuracy. The Database Migration Workbench is integrated with the Autonomous Database Schema Advisor, to analyze your source schemas, identify differences that may exist when objects are created in an Autonomous database, and allow you to correct incompatibility issues before the migration process is even started. During migration, you can monitor the progress in real time and view the details of each step. Once a migration completes, you can analyze and optimize the performance of the newly migrated database and take full advantage of the unique availability, performance, and security of the Oracle Autonomous Database!

What’s New

Video: Database Migration Workbench Overview (2:56)

Video: EM Database Migration Workbench Demo (13:44)

EM Migration Workbench

Whitepaper: Enterprise Manager Database Migration Workbench (PDF)