Oracle Networking and Data Center Fabric

Oracle Networking
Data Center Networking

Oracle's networking and data center fabric products improve infrastructure performance, reduce cost and complexity, and simplify storage and server connectivity, enabling customers to increase agility and responsiveness to changing business demands.

  • Oracle Software Defined Networking (SDN) enables the agility you need to quickly deploy applications, maximize efficiency, and deliver a great user experience.
  • Security features are engineered into every element of Oracle’s networking portfolio, including hardware, software, firmware, and management. White paper: Oracle SDN Virtual Network Services (PDF)
Multitenant cloud
  • Oracle’s networking products are engineered with next-generation features that are built directly into the fabric silicon and accelerate Oracle software.
  • Oracle SDN virtualizes all aspects of cloud networking, enabling any server to readily connect to any network, storage, or service. Network consolidation and virtualization at cloud scale
  • Deploy the fastest fabrics available for data center infrastructure with 40 Gb/sec Ethernet and 100 Gb/sec InfiniBand for clouds hosting business-critical enterprise applications.
  • Oracle SDN delivers a lightning speed platform capable of handling the most demanding networking needs, today and tomorrow. ES2-64 data sheet (PDF)

Oracle EDR InfiniBand Fabric

100 Gb/s Cloud Networking
Oracle EDR InfiniBand Fabric

Oracle’s new 100 Gb/s converged fabric includes multitenant security, software-defined networking (SDN), virtual network services, and fully virtualized I/O services to improve cloud network infrastructure.

Oracle Virtual Networking

Scalable I/O and on-demand networks for high-performance clouds
Oracle Virtual Networking

Oracle virtual networking products virtualize your SAN and LAN infrastructure by defining connectivity in software, giving you the flexibility and agility you need for the cloud. By consolidating your SPARC and x86 systems into a single data center fabric, you can reduce infrastructure complexity by up to 70 percent and cut OPEX by up to 50 percent.

Ethernet Networking

Enterprise class switching for the cloud
Ethernet Networking

Oracle's Ethernet networking solutions deliver fabric and connectivity between Oracle's servers, storage, and applications, enabling the convergence and high performance required in the virtualized data center at dramatically low cost.

Storage Networking

SAN Infrastructure for your cloud.
Storage Networking

For enterprise customers looking for superior I/O connectivity, Oracle's storage networking solutions offer some of the fastest, most cost-efficient host bus adapters, switches, directors, and routers on the market today.

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Software-Defined Data Centers
Extremely fast switches

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