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Get less with Rimini Street

Don’t put your software investment at risk with disreputable third-party support vendors like Rimini Street. Get the protection you need with Oracle and take advantage of trusted, fully featured security and comprehensive support.

It’s a fact: Your support partner matters, so choose wisely. Investing in Oracle Support fuels your business innovation and gives important support and security updates for your Oracle products. For more than 40 years, businesses around the world have relied on Oracle, as their trusted support provider of comprehensive services, to deliver outstanding protection for their vital business interests. Only Oracle can provide key security enhancements to the software itself and more comprehensive protection against new hacking threats.

Third-party support isn’t the answer: 7 top reasons


Oracle’s reputation is built on more than 40 years of delivering award-winning service to customers and ensuring its technology investments are effective, efficient, risk-resistant, and competitive.

Accreditation and education

Oracle Support provides continued education for your team, along with sharing best practices, community support, and group events, so you can make the most of your investment in our products and services.


Oracle Support supplies security features at every layer of the software stack to help protect your business interests.

Global operation

Oracle Support’s international footprint is indisputable. Engineers are available around the clock across the globe to support your business.


Oracle Support delivers complete, dependable, fully integrated, and tested products. It provides a single point of contact for all integrated support tools and product updates.


For more than four decades, Oracle has enabled customers to maximize and expand their existing Oracle Applications investment, while allowing time for future planning.

Continuous innovation

Applications Unlimited helps customers leverage the new technologies, platforms, and functionalities they need to succeed.

Learn more

Read the complete e-book to learn why customers are investing in Oracle support to enable success.

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Why security posture and IT governance matter

Creating a Culture of Security with Praxair’s Earl Newsome

Creating a culture of security with Praxair’s Earl Newsome

Earl Newsome, vice president and CIO of Praxair, and CXOTalk’s Michael Krigsman discuss cybersecurity, creating a culture of security at every layer of the organization.

What is Trusted Support with Oracle’s Brennan Baybeck

What is trusted support with Oracle’s Brennan Baybeck

Brennan Baybeck, Oracle’s vice president for global IT risk management, joins industry analyst and CXOTalk host Michael Krigsman to discuss the role of trusted support as a key component of good IT governance structure of an organization.

What is Trusted Support with Oracle’s Brennan Baybeck

IT governance and security with Oracle’s Brennan Baybeck

Every IT professional must understand the crucial relationship between IT governance, security, and support from a trusted source. Issues such as patching to ensure all systems are running current software are essential safeguards in the enterprise.

Find out more about Oracle Support

Oracle Premier Support

Oracle Premier Support

Oracle Premier Support for Software provides global, enterprise-class support and continuous access to Oracle innovation across any and all of your Oracle software products.

Get Premier protection
Oracle Applications Unlimited

Oracle Applications Unlimited

Oracle Applications Unlimited is Oracle’s commitment to continuous innovation while providing a commitment for Oracle Premier Support through at least 2032. You can maximize your existing investments with an eye to the future.

Take your applications into the future
Watch the video
Oracle Premier Support blog

Oracle Premier Support blog

Explore the latest industry insights, trends, and topics—direct from Oracle and industry experts—to help you maximize the value of your Oracle solutions and your Oracle Support investment.

Discover, learn, and share

IDC white paper: Oracle customers on advantage of Oracle Support

IDC’s white paper explores the business advantage customers gain from relying on Oracle Premier Support. Discover how customers increased productivity and efficiency, achieved faster upgrades, and reduced risk by utilizing Oracle Support.

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Easynvest secures databases with patches only Oracle Premier Support provides

By depending on Oracle Support, Easynvest is able to avoid downtime and other potential risks that could jeopardize their platform or compromise the customer experience.

—Andre Bernardino, head of IT operations, Easynvest

Alameda County improves availability with Premier Support

“Oracle Premier Support is the expert on where we need to go, from doing the upgrade through how to utilize the new technology and features. They help us stay proactive.”

—Arkalgud Venkatesh, IT manager, Alameda County (California)

Cerner saves time with Oracle Platinum Services

“Oracle Platinum Services lets me sleep nights—I have a team of Oracle Exadata experts handling patching, working proactively, and monitoring my system 24/7 at no additional charge...”

—David Dvorak, service delivery manager, Cerner

Support services—trusted, secure, comprehensive

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