Oracle Human Capital Management

Oracle HCM Cloud 2018 Fall Product Update
Oracle HCM Cloud 2018 Fall Product Update

Key Innovations to Make Work More Human

Make Work More Human

Make Work More Human

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital assistants, and conversational UI have transformed the way people live and work. Employees are demanding a new level of simplicity and humanlike interactions when it comes to completing even complex HR tasks.

Oracle HCM Cloud’s powerful and simple innovations help organizations make work more human, thereby accelerating productivity and improving the employee experience. With a rich set of new features, HR professionals can simplify and humanize the entire candidate and employee experience by making work simpler, smarter, and more agile.

Make Work Simpler

Make Work Simpler

One identical experience across multiple devices allows users to quickly accomplish tasks, while simplified HR self-service guides employees through the system. Rules-based automation makes complex HR processes simpler. Together these features improve HR and employee productivity.

  • Enjoy a consistent experience across any device with a mobile-responsive design
  • Complete HR tasks faster by leveraging simple HR self-service
  • Increase HR productivity through simplified HR transactions

Make Work Smarter

Make Work Smarter

Augment human capabilities with AI, machine learning, and digital assistants, allowing the organization to make better-informed decisions across HR and talent processes. Recruiters can uncover the best candidates faster to improve the quality of hire. Self-learning risk management solutions help protect sensitive HR data and strengthen compliance.

  • Improve recruiter productivity with AI-driven sourcing and matching tools
  • Prevent fraudulent payments by leveraging self-learning risk management with Oracle Advanced HCM Controls
  • Improve engagement by chatting with an HR digital assistant

Make Work More Agile

Make Work More Agile

Because agility is a key driver of business success, HR organizations require adaptable HR systems to navigate changes quickly. Workforce planning capabilities support organizational needs to meet constantly changing workforce demands. Providing a design studio to HR professionals allows them to easily tailor functionality and processes according to their requirements. A talent-centric approach lets employees hone their skills and sufficiently enhance their personal brand to advance their careers.

  • Increase agility to navigate and predict future workforce needs
  • Drive cultural changes faster by configuring HR processes and experience without IT dependency
  • Help employees build an authentic personal brand and increase their influence in the organization
  • Increase mobility and career opportunities by leveraging LinkedIn resources

Future Talks: Innovation in Oracle HCM Cloud

Go beyond HR status quo with emerging technologies like machine learning, chatbot, and digital assistants. Hear from Steve Miranda, EVP Oracle Applications and Development, and Ray Wang, Analyst, Constellation Research Inc, on how Oracle HCM Cloud is making work simpler, smarter, and more agile.

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