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Oracle Modern Best Practice—Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management
Knowledge Empowers Customer Service

Knowledge Gap to Solution

The mobile, social, analytic, and big data capabilities built into modern best practices have enabled organizations to transform the customer service experience. Now, customer service issues can be resolved even faster. Monitor and interact with your entire organization throughout the resolution process. Take advantage of the cloud to securely research and gather data, creating a consolidated knowledgebase that spans channels and departments. Use the following modern best practice as your roadmap to an optimal customer service experience.

Data-Driven Knowledge Management Processes

  • Deliver a personalized customer service experience across multiple channels
  • Collaborate via secure social network
  • Support mobile transactions
  • Empower agents with role-based dashboards
  • Support multichannel searches

Analyze Knowledge Effectiveness
Analyze Knowledge Effectiveness icon Mobile. Social. Analytics. Big Data.

Analyze Knowledge Effectiveness

Empower agents with a dashboard review of customer interactions and proposed solutions. Identify emerging trends and behavior patterns.

Identify Knowledge Gap
Identify Knowledge Gap icon Mobile. Analytics. Social. Big Data.

Identify Knowledge Gap

Identify information needed to address top customer issues in first contact and find relevant information.

Deliver Knowledge to Agents
Deliver Knowledge to Agents icon Mobile. Social.

Deliver Knowledge to Agents

Create a consolidated knowledgebase. Add and update information for new solutions. Tailor solutions (videos, FAQs, etc.) for different communication channels.

Measure Performance
Measure Performance icon Mobile. Analytics. Social. Big Data.

Measure Performance

Constantly refine and improve your customer service experience based on KPIs to improve results.

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