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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Security helps organizations reduce the risk of security threats for cloud workloads. With simple, prescriptive, and integrated security capabilities built into the OCI platform, Oracle helps customers easily adopt and secure their cloud infrastructure, data, and applications.

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Revolutionize network and data security

Read about Oracle Zero Trust Packet Routing Platform, which will be built based on the Zero Trust Packet Routing standard. The platform will help organizations prevent unauthorized use of their data without extra hurdles for legitimate activities.

Zero trust security with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

See how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help organizations adopt a zero trust security model as recommended by industry compliance standards such as, the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s 8 principles.

Architected on Security-First Design Principles

Oracle builds security into all our cloud solutions at the architectural level, ensuring full-stack protection and a platform that’s secure by design, including capabilities such as isolated network virtualization, hardware root of trust, and tenant isolation.

Omdia: Built-in vs Bolt-on Security

How to gauge the value of the “bolt-on” security technologies vis-á-vis built-in cloud security.

Dive into the latest cloud security trends

Oracle Infrastructure Cloud Security benefits

Oracle believes security should be foundational and built-in, and customers shouldn’t be forced to make tradeoffs between security and cost. Oracle is focused on helping to reduce risk by providing a comprehensive set of simple, prescriptive, and integrated security capabilities that can help organizations secure their OCI tenancy. The integrated security services approach reduces the burden on customers, enabling them to focus on improving their core business.

Security should be simple—easy to use, deploy, and operate See simple security in action with Oracle Cloud Guard and Security Zones (8:06)
Security tools should offer guidance to help customers achieve strong security more easily Take a tour of Oracle Cloud Guard
Security should be integrated and automated, reducing manual security tasks and human errors Read how OCI Certificates automates the creation and management of TLS/SSL certificates
Cloud security should be economically attractive, improving the cost of securing cloud workloads Try out OCI’s security services in a free cloud trial

Oracle Infrastructure Cloud Security services

OCI Cloud Security services

Secure access

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Bastion provides restricted and time-sensitive secure access to private resources without a jump host.

  • Manage security posture for access to private resources
  • Maintain time-bound, ephemeral Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) sessions
  • Easily manage Secure Shell (SSH) sessions and port forwarding

Certificates management

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certificates enables customers to easily create, deploy, and manage Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates.

  • Create a private root certificate authority (CA) and subordinate CAs
  • Automatically create and deploy certificates
  • Integrate with the load balancer or API gateway automatically

Security posture management

Oracle Cloud Guard provides a unified view of security posture across all resources in a customer tenancy.

  • Monitor security violations in SaaS applications
  • Identify, monitor, and remediate threats, issues, and inconsistencies
  • Adopt a centralized security approach to cloud security posture management
  • Remediate security problems
  • Gain a comprehensive risk posture view

Database security

Oracle Data Safe simplifies security for cloud-based and on-premises Oracle Databases as a single, unified cloud service.

  • Prevent configuration drift
  • Enforce the principle of least privilege
  • Discover sensitive data
  • Eliminate risk from DevTest
  • View security posture and events
  • Secure cloud or on-premises databases

User access and entitlements

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management helps enforce identity across Oracle and non-Oracle cloud and on-premises services.

  • Manage access for complex global organizations
  • Streamline identity tasks
  • Pursue single sign-on and multifactor authentication

Network firewalls

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Firewall is an integrated, cloud native managed firewall service built using next-generation firewall technology from Palo Alto Networks.

  • Apply granular security controls to inbound, outbound, and lateral traffic
  • Defend against emerging threats
  • Flexible policy enforcement

Key management

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Key Management helps customers centrally manage and maintain control of encryption keys and secret credentials.

  • Protect enterprise data with secure keys
  • Adopt a managed service focused on secure keys
  • Integrate secure keys with identity and audit services

Secure cloud compartments

Oracle Security Zones helps customers set up and enforce security policies to secure cloud compartments with a rich policy library and embedded security best practices.

  • Automatically enforce security policies
  • Gain compartment-based security

Threat Intelligence

Oracle Threat Intelligence Service aggregates threat intelligence data from Oracle security experts, vast telemetry, common open-source feeds, and partners, including Crowdstrike.

  • Single source of threat intelligence data
  • Preintegrated with Oracle Cloud Guard and Cloud Guard Threat Detector for advanced threat detection
  • Curates data from disparate feeds, creating a single confidence score for each indicator of compromise to reduce false positives

Vulnerability management

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning Service helps customers assess and monitor virtual and bare metal cloud hosts and remediate any open ports or patch unsafe packages.

  • Single source of threat intelligence data
  • Discover vulnerabilities before they are exploited
  • Obtain a regional and global view of risk

Web application protection

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall helps customers protect applications from malicious and unwanted internet and internal traffic with threat intelligence and consistent rule enforcement.

  • Monitor for and detect layer 7 malicious threats and attacks on Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Defend against malicious traffic with integrated threat intelligence
  • Protect applications from bot traffic
  • Safeguard applications

Security architecture and operating system

Zero downtime OS patching

Oracle Autonomous Linux helps eliminate complexity and human error with automatic patch updates and tuning.

  • Helps achieve compliance
  • Addresses known exploits
  • Fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Firmware-based attack protection

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Hardware Root of Trust protects customer tenants with a highly secure firmware installation.

  • Utilizes a hardware-based root of trust card that is manufactured to Oracle specifications
  • Reduces the risk from a permanent denial of service attack

Isolation of network attacks

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Isolated Network Virtualization helps isolate and virtualize the network to prevent malware within a compromised instance from moving to other customers’ instances.

  • Isolates and virtualizes the network
  • Prevents attacks from compromising the network

Secure cloud infrastructure

Oracle Bare Metal Servers support applications requiring complete isolation, high core counts, large amounts of memory, and high memory bandwidth.

  • Scales up to 160 cores, 2 TB of RAM, and 1 PB of block storage
  • Provides customers with isolation, visibility, and control

Regulatory compliance programs

Regulatory compliance programs

Oracle Cloud Compliance pursues many programs that audit Oracle Cloud and help customers address compliance with global, regional, and industry-specific certifications.

  • Operates globally
  • Addresses the complex regulatory environment

Security solutions

Partner solutions

Oracle Cloud Marketplace allows customers to choose from an expansive library of Oracle and third-party images with click-to-deploy security solutions.

  • Integrated and secure
  • Flexible deployment and consumption modes

Vulnerability monitoring solutions

Reduce risk from vulnerabilities in your OCI compute instances, OCI Registry stored container images, and DevOps Java builds with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure vulnerability monitoring solutions.

  • Receive alerts about unpatched vulnerabilities and open ports on cloud instances and inside container images
  • Manage and monitor updates and patches for operating system environments
  • Detect security vulnerabilities in cloud application dependencies

Industry security solutions

Public sector cloud

Oracle Cloud for Government gives governments dedicated cloud regions to migrate, manage, and protect workloads in the cloud.

  • World-class security and compliance
  • Consistent high performance
  • Simple and predictable pricing

Data privacy

Privacy principles

Privacy@Oracle helps customers comply with data privacy principles with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure privacy features.

  • Addresses concerns about the collection and use of your personal information
  • Hosts multiple privacy policies used by different Oracle lines of business
Darling Ingredients improves security monitoring and collaboration with Oracle Cloud Guard.
Communications and Public Sector
Motorola Solutions Inc. secures data with Oracle Cloud, reducing their security spend by 15%.
Financial Systems
ALEF helps achieve compliance with OCI Certificates.
High Tech
Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience cuts alert response time by 70% with Oracle Cloud Guard
Higher Education
University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campuses centralize identities using Oracle.
Public Sector
The City and County of San Francisco selects Oracle for better security, user experience using Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

OCI Cloud Security pricing

With OCI, customers get built-in security services, many at no additional cost, that don’t require complex integrations.

Cloud Security Posture Management included

Get a unified view of the cloud security posture to detect and act on misconfigured resources, insecure activities, and vulnerabilities.


Cloud Guard

Security Zones

Vulnerability Scanning Service

Included with paid OCI tenancies

Evaluate Web Application Firewall for free

The first WAF instance and up to 10 million requests per month are free for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers (excluding Government customers).


1 WAF instance and up to 10 million requests free

Additional pricing listed on the Security service pricing page

Try OCI Bastion

See how easy bastions can be set up for restricted and time-limited secure access to resources that require strict resource access controls.


5 OCI Bastions

Available now in the Oracle Cloud Free Tier

Cloud Security Services reference architectures

See all reference architectures
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Oracle offers a Free Tier with no time limits on selection of services like Autonomous Database, Compute, and Storage, as well as US$300 in free credits to try additional cloud services. Get the details and sign up for your free account today.

  • What’s included with Oracle Cloud Free Trial?

    • 5 OCI Bastions
    • 1 WAF instance and up to 10 million requests per month
    • Certificates: 5 Private CA and 150 private TLS certificates
    • Identity for up to 18,750 consumer users

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Learn how OCI Security is implemented.

  • Key services covered

    • Vulnerability Scanning Service
    • Certificates
    • Bastion
    • Web Application Firewall on Flexible Load Balancers

Customer spotlight case studies

Motorola Solutions Inc.

Motorola Solutions Inc. secures data with Oracle Cloud Guard.

"Oracle Cloud Guard gave us greater security monitoring capabilities, including the ability to shift from merely detecting security vulnerabilities to responding and enforcing security policy. We have also been able to see a 15% reduction in our financial spend in the security space by consolidating and leveraging Oracle Cloud Guard."

Scott Shepard
Senior Director of IT, Motorola Solutions Inc.

Darling Ingredients

Darling Ingredients improves security monitoring and collaboration with Oracle Cloud Guard.

"We've recently turned on Cloud Guard, and we've been looking at Security Zones. We're taking this opportunity to look at how we're doing as we deploy the EBS production instance into this tighter security zone in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. What I like about Cloud Guard is because it is continuously running and available to a wider group of people, it provides a continuous improvement process in our security posture. It’s also included with OCI, which is a really good value."

Tom Morgan
Threat Intelligence Lead, Cyber Security Group, Darling Ingredients


Oracle proudly supports a wide range of third-party security solutions to accelerate and optimize your cloud and hybrid deployments. With new offerings continually added, our comprehensive network of secures partners helps ensure your cloud architecture on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can scale and evolve with your organization's needs.

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