The spatial features in Oracle Spatial and Graph offer advanced capabilities that address all forms of spatial workloads and data sets in Oracle Database. They provide native spatial data support and location query and analysis, with dramatically faster performance, a much richer set of spatial analytics, and built-in services - Network Data Model (NDM), geocoding, routing, topology management, raster and gridded data analysis, 3D and point cloud operations, map visualization and JSON and REST support.


Handles the Requirements of the Most Demanding, Large-scale Geospatial Applications

Oracle Spatial and Graph offers a complete set of spatial information technologies that support applications such as location-enabled Business Intelligence, land management and GIS, wireless location services, transportation, utilities, agriculture, asset managmeent, LiDAR analysis, energy and natural resouces, and planning.

The Forrester Wave: Geospatial Analytics Tool And Platforms, Q3 2016 Features

“While hardcore GIS professionals may start their work in other applications, when they want to solve spatial problems in production and with web- and IoT- scale data, Oracle gives them the platform to do so.”


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