ResortCom International Improves Customer Satisfaction by Resolving Incidents 6x Faster with a Cloud-Based Customer Experience Solution
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ResortCom International Improves Customer Satisfaction by Resolving Incidents 6x Faster with a Cloud-Based Customer Experience Solution

ResortCom International provides a full range of specialized financial services for timeshare organizations. It manages timeshare payments, services loans, and handles credit card transactions. In addition, it manages resort operations and customer care services for companies that develop and own resort properties. ResortCom International empowers resort operators to generate substantial additional revenue from their customers through the sale of related services, such as air travel and leisure activities.




A word from ResortCom International

  • “Customer experience is the new sales frontier. Our success is based on product strength and high quality customer-experience. That experience is determined in the contact center, and Oracle RightNow cloud-based customer-experience solutions help us provide a superior experience, every time.” ‒ Alex Marxer, President, ResortCom International

  • Deliver superior financial performance to time share owners and superb vacation experiences to their customers
  • Enable customer service agents to ensure a seamless experience for timeshare owners, answer multiple questions during a single call, and provide accurate information to each caller while the company experienced tenfold growth
  • Improved ability to effectively market additional services to optimize yield per customer
  • Expand visibility into back-office processes and response times to ensure continuous improvement


  • Deployed Oracle RightNow cloud-based customer experience (CX) solutions to deliver world-class and consistent service to more than 1 million timeshare travelers across phone, e-mail, and web channels
  • Reduced average incident response time from 48 hours to approximately 8 hours
  • Provided high levels of support without expanding customer-service team in the midst of a tenfold increase in business since deploying Oracle RightNow solutions
  • Transitioned from a reactive, inbound customer contact model to a proactive, outbound communications approach, which enabled the company to better manage inquiry volumes, ensure a superior experience, reduce call volume by 10%, and save approximately US$200,000 annually
  • Gained the ability to scan social media for references to clients’ resorts and respond appropriately to turn unhappy customers into loyal customers
  • Extended visibility into CX operations, allowing the organization to identify trends and adapt processes to improve performance
  • Gained a tangible competitive differentiator over other companies serving the resort market
  • Created a centralized knowledge repository that agents use to accurately answer customer and member questions involving complicated policies that vary from property to property
  • Populated the knowledge base with more than 3,000 responses to frequently asked questions that customers can access via the website—streamlining service and reducing call volume
  • Used scripting capabilities to create responses to common inquiries, enabling agents to quickly and efficiently provide accurate and clear information
  • Reduced reliance on e-mail for internal incident updates, since employees can view the status of any inquiry in the system
  • Improved understanding of customer needs and behaviors, allowing ResortCom to create more personalized and effective marketing initiatives that increase operator revenue
  • Integrated Oracle RightNow with the company’s Oracle data warehouse, allowing it to develop targeted marketing campaigns based on any combination of attributes, including planned travel dates, travel history, locations, and previous ancillary purchases
  • Captured key data and feedback from customers to help the company continually improve the customer experience and drive process efficiency
  • Gained the ability to measure the performance of each agent and department, the expediency of front-office and back-office operations, and key metrics around e-mail volumes and response times

Why Oracle

“Oracle RightNow’s customer service flow capabilities differentiate it from competing solutions. When we show property managers what we can do for them using Oracle RightNow, they’re amazed,” said Alex Marxer, president, ResortCom International.“It is a tangible competitive differentiator that gives us substantial advantages over other companies trying to service the resort market.

”I’ve never seen a solution that allows such seamless customer care flows,” Marxer said. “With RightNow, we can instantly deliver accurate, up-to-date information wherever it’s needed across our company and beyond. That makes us an extremely efficient and reliable business partner for the resort operators we serve.”