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Build Customer Loyalty

Clean, complete, and enhanced customer data fuels your entire customer experience. Ensure that marketing, sales, and service have access to a customer profile they can trust and act on.

Build Stronger Relationships

Quality Customer Data

Data-Powered Sales

Data-Powered Sales

Sales runs on quality customer data. Oracle CX sales leverages embedded customer data management capabilities to ensure clean, accurate data throughout the complete customer lifecycle. This is data that your sales reps can trust—and turn into revenue.

Data-Powered Service

Data-Powered Service

Every hour, hundreds of business contacts change roles, companies change addresses, and contact information becomes out-of-date. It’s mission-critical that service teams have accurate, updated customer data in order to provide a great service experience.

Data-Powered Marketing

Data-Powered Marketing

A clean and complete customer record starts with marketing and a customer data management solution that creates this single view enables businesses to better understand, sell to, and serve their customers.

Data-Powered AI

Data-Powered AI

Artificial intelligence can bring incredible business insights, but they will only be as good as the data you are analyzing. Bad data equals bad results. Great data equals business-changing results.

Better Customer Data

Explore the Capabilities

Embedded CDM

Oracle Engagement Cloud: Customer Data Management

Create a coordinated, 360-degree view of the customer across applications with profiles, relationships, classifications, source system references, hierarchies, links, and more. Clean and dedupe, merging disparate data into a single, unified, and accurate customer profile with a prebuilt source hierarchy.

Data Enrichment

Oracle Data as a Service for Sales

Keep up with market changes and provide rich data to your reps. Oracle DaaS for Sales enables smarter selling by helping reps discover and reach prospects with comprehensive, high-quality third-party data, including millions of companies and contacts.

Smart Data

Oracle Engagement Cloud: Company and Address Smart Data

Customer data that’s clean and complete on entry makes the data entry process faster. Oracle Engagement Cloud auto-completes account and address fields as information is being typed in, using clean, accurate information from third-party data providers to ensure quality data at the time of entry.

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