Oracle Risk Management Cloud

Report with Confidence. Ensure Transparency.

Go beyond mere compliance—achieve excellence in your financial reporting and business processes. With Oracle Risk Management Cloud, you can confidently control risk and compliance programs, quickly detect potential process and control issues, and provide line-of-business leaders with strategic risk insights.

Oracle Risk Management Cloud offers a complete solution for organizations of all sizes—from financial reporting compliance to advanced financial controls that minimize cash leakage, improve the bottom line, and sustain a fast period close.

Can you certify your internal controls with confidence?

With countries around the world continually passing new laws that govern corporate responsibilities, the burden of compliance—and the risk of running afoul of regulations—continue to pile up.

This not only presents a risk to companies, but to financial officers personally. CFOs, controllers, and audit committees must certify that their financial reports are materially correct, and that their internal controls over financial reporting are effective.

When you set your signature to paper, you’re signing off with faith and trust in your people and processes.

Unfortunately, these processes are not necessarily documented, or verifiable. This is where the cloud can play a critical role in your compliance efforts.

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