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Customers Compare Oracle, AWS, and Pivotal
Customers Compare Oracle, AWS, and Pivotal

Discover the opportunity for unified hybrid development.

Webcast: Making Blockchain a Reality in Retail
Webcast: Making Blockchain a Reality in Retail

Learn about the benefits of blockchain for retailers in this on-demand webcast cohosted by Oracle and Aberdeen. Explore insights from Aberdeen’s 2018 Blockchain in Retail study.

Oracle OpenWorld Highlights
Oracle OpenWorld Highlights

IoT, AI, and blockchain took the stage at Oracle OpenWorld 2018.

New Cloud Technologies Are Transforming Development
New Cloud Technologies Are Transforming Development

Discover what tools are enabling companies to achieve agile development, and how to easily get started with them.

Modernize and Accelerate Application Development in the Cloud
Modernize and Accelerate Application Development in the Cloud

Explore how you can utilize Oracle Cloud to accelerate the development of web, mobile, and enterprise applications while dramatically simplifying your IT environment

Autonomous Database: Sit back. Relax. Let Oracle do the driving.

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Choose Your Own Development Environment

Develop and deploy modern business applications faster and easier using cloud services designed for developer productivity—from Java applications to mobile applications to simple mashups. Easily move from on premises or develop new leading-edge applications regardless of language or platform.

The Oracle Cloud Platform for application development allows developers and businesses of any size to easily and quickly meet modern application development demands. With Oracle, developers enjoy complete and integrated back-end and front-end services needed to build modern apps rapidly. Data and integration services support and tie your apps together, while common services like security, analytics, and cloud management services are also available.

Modern applications are composed of many languages, frameworks and libraries, including Java EE and Java SE to Node.js, Python, JRuby and PHP, and application platforms need to be able to handle these needs. The platform also needs to be DevOps-ready so that applications can be integrated and delivered continuously using the developer tools already in house.

Modern application development means both web and mobile development, but it also means building modular and container applications using Docker, as well as building microservices apps. Moving production applications to the cloud is about increasing the delivery speed of your new applications. Oracle Cloud Platform delivers fully integrated infrastructure that is built for scale and high availability so developers can gain instant access to development resources and seamlessly expand to deployment as needed.

Oracle Cloud Platform makes cloud application development, testing, and deployment easy. These are three ways to get started.

  • Development and testing in the cloud: Test in the cloud but deploy on premises. Spin up your DevTest instances rapidly and get the continuous integration and delivery environment you need.
  • Build modern, cloud-native applications: Support multiple programming languages while you build modular container apps. Create web and mobile apps as well as lightweight microservices apps.
  • Move production apps to the cloud: Get the flexibility to run any workload on a managed platform that decreases the risk and TCO of migrating your apps to the cloud. Get deployment choices: on premises, public cloud, or hybrid cloud.

Explore the resources on this page to learn how to develop, test, and deploy with Oracle Cloud Platform.

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Open Development Platform
Open Development Platform icon Open Development Platform

Choice of languages, databases, compute types, OS and VM, IDEs, and tools

Develop applications using not only Java and Oracle Database, but also open source and third-party components. Oracle Cloud offers developers flexibility and choice, portability, compatibility, and interoperability with other technologies.

Build Modern Cool Apps
Build Modern Cool Apps icon Build Modern Cool Apps

Use the latest technologies, architectures, and tools

Gain instant access to containers, bare-metal compute, microservices, API-based architecture, DevOps processes, and tools such as Developer Cloud Service and Application Container Cloud Service for fast, flexible development and deployment.

Easy, Fast, Flexible
Easy, Fast, Flexible icon Easy, Fast, Flexible

Oracle Cloud Platform offers greater developer productivity

Deploy quickly and easily with containers and migrate VMware and KVM workloads seamlessly using Oracle Ravello Cloud Service. Enable citizen developers to easily deploy new or replicate DevTest environments for small- or large-scale projects.

Enterprise Grade
Enterprise Grade icon Enterprise Grade

Developers want to focus on code, not infrastructure

Oracle Cloud takes care of the underlying platform and infrastructure to ensure enterprise-grade performance, availability, and security, so that developers can focus on writing code. Oracle democratizes enterprise-grade cloud for all developers and applications.

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