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Oracle and Portal Software
Oracle and Portal Software

Portal Software Industry Analysts


Analyst Quotes

"The acquisition of Portal by Oracle makes perfect sense. Carriers are asking for a one-stop shop and the combined Oracle-Siebel-Portal solution for ERP, CRM and billing and revenue management is compelling for current and next generation service delivery."
— Paul Hughes, Vice President, Communications Software Strategies, Yankee Group, April 2006.

"Oracle's decision to enter the billing market has the potential to alter the competitive landscape in the industry."

"Oracle's recent acquisitions of Hotsip, Net4Call and Portal have made it a company to watch in the telecommunications software arena."

"By combining Hotsip, Net4Call and Portal, Oracle will be in a position to engage CSPs more deeply around IMS than most billing vendors."
Oracle Acquires Portal Software, Yankee Group, May 2006.

"Existing relationships from its database and middleware products give Oracle an "in" with service providers to sell its SDP and billing capabilities."

"Oracle has a formidable distribution model and can strengthen the Portal product with strong technology like Fusion and its database."
Oracle Deepens Its Presence in Telecom, Forrester Research Inc, May 2006.

"Oracle's move makes absolute sense—telecoms is the one industry in which an ERP approach is long overdue. With Portal's billing/revenue management solution, Oracle is going for financial control, the core ERP function - and an area where operators are still struggling with multiple billing systems that are costing them large sums to reconcile and integrate. Pricing and billing will be key capabilities in a next generation services world, so this fits with Oracle's SDP strategy, too."
—Caroline Chappell, Research Analyst for Light Reading's Services Software Insider, April 2006.

"Oracle's financial soundness should immediately boost Portal's ability to win expansions with existing customers and renewed opportunities with prospective customers."

"We believe Oracle's determination and scale and the general trends in the telecom market will help them grow their share of the telecom software market."
—Oracle Buys Portal Software, by Larry Goldman, co-founder and Senior Analyst, OSS Observer website, April 2006.

"Oracle's push into telco makes sense strategically. The combination of Portal and Siebel makes Oracle a leading supplier of billing and customer care applications."
—Larry Goldman, OSS Observer co-founder and Senior Analyst, May 2006.

"The announcement of Oracle Service Delivery Platform strategy follows its buy of Portal Software, makers of billing software, another play for the carrier space. This move makes Oracle suddenly a powerful competitor in this space, which is still developing."
—Oracle Takes SIP of Telecom Market, Current Analysis, April 2006.

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