Oracle Database Cloud

Oracle Database Cloud

The Future of Data Management and Cloud

Oracle Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison announces Oracle Database Cloud


Introducing Oracle Database Cloud

Capture the value of the cloud without compromise. Designed for complete integration and optimization with Oracle Cloud Platform, Oracle Database 12c Release 2 helps customers easily set up cloud database environments and migrate data readily between on-premises and cloud deployment.

Oracle’s ongoing hybrid cloud focus helps companies accelerate innovation and reduce time to market by cutting integration and operational complexity.

Drawing on 39 years of data management innovation and a unique ability to optimize the entire stack for peak performance and security, our latest enhancements help customers easily meet service-level agreement requirements, generate rapid ROI, and reduce the risk of data being compromised.

Oracle helps customers of all sizes fully harness the economics of the cloud. From entry-level consumption and pricing models that fit midsize company needs, to enterprise-grade scaling for large-scale implementations, Oracle Cloud Platform supports database cloud services for a wide range of needs.

  • Support Effortless Scalability
    Cloud deployments resemble on-premises installations in that software costs often far exceed the cost of deploying hardware. Oracle’s new database release is expressly designed to provide customers with industry-leading scalability for their database deployments. With more than 4,000 pluggable databases per container database, customers reap the benefits of increased economies of scale.
  • Drive Hybrid Cloud Agility
    As companies jump aboard the cloud, many face the twin challenges of integrating cloud services with on-premises systems while training IT staff to make the most of cloud capabilities. With the industry’s only 100 percent compatible hybrid cloud offering, customers can easily and quickly migrate workloads between deployments. Most importantly, it allows customers to leverage the skills they already have.
  • Exploit Unparalleled Performance
    New innovations to Oracle Database In-Memory (DBIM) streamline setup, accelerate queries, and increase data value by enabling the use of stand-by databases for analytics. The new release features automated management and provisioning tools designed to help end users easily set up their in-memory architecture via a guided process that optimizes the system for maximum performance.
  • Accelerate Nonstop Business
    The digital enterprise never stops, and Oracle’s cloud infrastructure draws on innovative, high availability architecture to power your business. Starting with the enterprise-grade hardware used in Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle further tightens the stack by jointly engineering the OS and virtualization layers. Lastly, Oracle adds its Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) for the database layer to enable continuous availability and zero data-loss protection.
  • Optimize Enterprise Security
    As the only cloud provider that engineers security into every layer of the platform, Oracle knows that data security is vital to cloud-based data management. Oracle now elevates the world’s most secure database into the cloud with new security features that safeguard data integrity online, offline, or while data is in transit. Look for increased security automation and reporting, deeper control of authorization levels, and integrated risk analysis tools.
  • Maximize Cloud Investments
    The cloud business paradigm has changed the way companies consume IT, with economies of scale that make enterprise-grade solutions financially viable for customers of all sizes. We extend that value with the largest software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketplace in the industry, along with the most complete data management suite for the cloud. Customers can subscribe to a range of Oracle Database 12c cloud services, allowing large enterprises to take advantage of cloud’s elastic resources, while giving growing companies an affordable path to a data management cloud.

Explore the resources on this page to learn how easy it is to get started with Oracle Database Cloud.

Your Oracle Database in the cloud.
  • Enterprise IT Takes to the Cloud
    Oracle’s innovative cloud platform technologies are designed to ease the path to modern IT infrastructure. New database cloud services and PaaS offerings make it easy to move, secure, and optimize workloads, development, and data in the cloud.

    Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison introduces Oracle Database 12c Release 2. Read the press release
Larry Ellison
  • The Data Explosion: A Guide to Oracle's Data-Management Solution
    This guide looks at today's data issues and recognizes tomorrow's technology that delivers competitive advantage. Learn how to harness growing data volumes and capture competitive advantage.
The Data Explosion
  • Heads Up for Oracle Database Cloud
    We innovate across all layers of the platform so you get 100 percent synergy and 100 percent compatibility. Dive into the technology and learn how to be ready for anything with the perfect tools for futureproofing your business.
Heads Up for Oracle Database Cloud
Press release: Oracle Beats Amazon Web Services

New Oracle Database as a Service is 20 years ahead of Amazon Web Services.

Press release: Oracle Beats Amazon Web Services


Conducted in partnership with Oracle among members of the Independent Oracle Users Group, this survey of more than 300 DBAs and IT professionals across a variety of industries identifies a growing interest in database as a service (DBaaS) as a viable approach to serving organization needs for greater agility and faster time to market.

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Gartner webcast

Learn about the primary use cases, challenges, and benefits of databases in the cloud.

Webcast: Gartner’s Perspective on Deploying Enterprise Databases in the Cloud

Report: Why Cloud Databases Are In Your Future

DBaaS promises significant cost advantages over traditional database strategies. That, as well as the other big benefits the cloud is so often touted for: agility, scalability, speed of deployment, and a steady flow of new capabilities.

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Infographic: Turn Your Data Into Capital with Oracle Database

By 2019, the enormous growth of data from the Internet of Things will contribute to an overall market impact of 500 zettabytes of data. How can you make the data explosion work for you?

Infographic: Turn Your Data Into Capital with Oracle Database Cloud


DX Marketing's competitive edge with Oracle Database Cloud

With our Oracle Cloud solution, we have been astounded at how fast and effectively we can get to market and that is a huge differentiator that helps us deliver ROI to our customers. Oracle’s multitenant and advanced analytics capabilities are enabling us to capitalize on business opportunities that can create new revenue streams.

—Ray Owens, CEO, DX Marketing
With Oracle Database Cloud Service, we get greater value at a lower price point than with any other cloud vendor. I receive the best technology in the world, managed in an automated deployment platform that allows me to focus on my core business instead of on managing IT infrastructure.
—Ron Hardman, Founder,
Demand Analysis Ltd.
It is a significant asset for us to tell customers that our entire application is run on Oracle Database Cloud Service. We first show them how our application delivers customer intelligence for their businesses, and then explain that, with Oracle technology behind the service, they can adopt it flexibly and with full confidence in its scalability, security, and high availability.
—Peter Mulligan, Cofounder and Director of Sales and Marketing, Demand Analysis Ltd.
endlich IT & Projekt Service OHG
We chose Oracle Database Cloud Service to help maximize business productivity and acquire knowledge of innovative cloud solutions. Oracle Database Cloud Service proved to be a perfect fit for us due to its cost-effectiveness, high performance, high availability, and top security for hosting sensitive customer data.
—Alexander Weber, General Manager, endlich IT & Projekt Service OHG
Your Oracle Database in the cloud.