Product Tour—Oracle Sales Force Automation

Automate and improve the sales process with Sales Force Automation

sales force automation dashboard screen

Welcome to Oracle Sales Force Automation

Increase revenue, build a better sales pipeline, and increase seller efficiency with Oracle Sales Force Automation. Boost seller efficiency across your sales organization by giving sellers a user experience that's actionable and intuitive.

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Focus on what matters

Help sellers prioritize and engage the right customers at the right time. Sellers focus on the deals that matter most with quick actions from the home page that drive business results, including:

  • Completing daily tasks
  • Seeing upcoming closing opportunities
  • Quickly accepting hot marketing leads
sales force automation account view

Find what you need, faster

High-performance search and in-line actions save clicks and time. Find and work with records using customizable views of accounts, opportunities, leads, contacts and more.

sales force automation account screen

Generate more qualified sales

Oracle Sales Force Automation creates a tight integration between sales and marketing, providing the context sellers need to act quickly on qualified leads.

sales force automation insights panel

Improve engagement with your brand

Real-time behavioral insights give you greater visibility into how customers interact with your brand. Increase visibility into marketing activities and provide your sellers marketing-approved content and templates to better engage with their customers.

sales force automation account intelligence

Win more deals with AI

AI-sourced account intelligence helps you have more valuable conversations with your customers based on real-time customer signals.

sales force automation mobile application

Stay connected and agile

Access and work with CRM data anywhere. Our mobile app is designed to help sellers get things done faster, and in fewer clicks, whether they are on, or offline.

sales force automation seller dashboard

Save time and avoid frustration

Oracle Sale Force Automation gives sellers the proper tools to quickly edit opportunities, schedule meetings, and log notes into a CRM without ever leaving their email application.

sales force automation user tools

Collaborate with ease

Sellers can use the familiar tools that your organization already relies on to easily view and update sales data.

sales force automation data insights

Smarter reporting, deeper insights

When CRM systems are easy to use, sellers benefit from better data and more actionable insights about performance. Powerful business intelligence can be leveraged to build a deeper understanding of pipelines, opportunities, and critical sales metrics.

sales force automation customer data overview

Complete view of every customer interaction

Build better pipeline, generate sales, grow revenue faster, and make every customer interaction matter. Oracle Sales moves beyond typical CRM and sales solutions.