Digital Business

Oracle Enterprise Communications—Digital Business

Digital Business

Oracle's digital solutions enable innovative enterprises to rapidly design and implement new business models.

Enable New Business Models

Internet of Things
Internet of Things icon Internet of Things

Need to translate massive data from thousands of devices into meaningful and actionable information?

A scalable platform that can acquire, analyze, manage, visualize, and secure data from devices will uncover business opportunities, optimize processes, and improve customer experience.

Subscription Monetization
Subscription Monetization icon Subscription Monetization

Are you looking to monetize subscription revenues?

Enjoy recurring revenue streams, increased customer loyalty, and a better understanding of customer behavior. Use data-based insights to rapidly adapt digital business offerings to meet market demand.

Reduce Risk and Cost
Reduce Risk and Cost icon Reduce Risk and Cost

Do you want to minimize risk, capex, and staffing requirements by using a cloud billing solution?

Reduce risk and the cost of mission-critical revenue management operations by choosing a secure, scalable, and future-proof cloud billing solution.

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