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Email Marketing That Drives Both Revenue and Relationships

Email marketers still face the challenge of leveraging customer data to personalize email, driving sustained engagement, and coordinating email marketing across disparate marketing channels. Oracle Responsys features award-winning email marketing capabilities that drive conversions, deepen the customer relationship, and reduce messaging fragmentation. Because Responsys email is orchestrated alongside other marketing channels—such as mobile, web, display, and social—it resonates with more consumers and drives long-term value.

Build Engaging Content Across Channels and Devices

    • Fast: Message Designer makes it simple to create content that looks great for every customer with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor—code optional.
    • Easy: As you create content, from right within the context of the Email Message Designer, you can select data sources to easily personalize your message.
    • Scalable: Quickly toggle between device previews to make sure your message is received exactly as you intended it to be.
Deliverability Plus screenshot

Expand Reach and Gain Competitive Insights with Deliverability Plus

  • Competitive Triggers and Deep Insights: See what your competitors send, and offer something better at the top of the inbox.
  • Win Every Time: Recapture ROI and the audience you’ve earned.
  • Industry Leading Infrastructure: The power of Oracle behind you translates to real results in deliverability.
Enterprise Authorization screenshot

Secure Collaboration & Easy Access Control with Enterprise Authorization

  • Functional Access: Match access to job responsibilities and facilitate collaboration.
  • Organizational Access: Create permissions that fit your organizational structure, no matter how complex.
Marketing Designer screenshot

Deliver Highly Personalized Emails, Without Help from IT

Most email marketers face a tough choice: Invest in a complex messaging solution that personalizes messages but requires technical help, or purchase a simple solution that's easy to use but requires a lot of work to manage.

The good news is Oracle Responsys delivers the best of both worlds, so marketers can focus on email strategy and planning.

  • Email marketing that’s simple, yet powerful, in its ability to deliver individualized messaging to millions of consumers.
  • Empowered marketers and agencies can individualize virtually any aspect of an email message—including text, imagery and creative—with a simple point-and-click experience.
  • A state-of-the-art delivery platform configured for optimal email delivery to thousands of domains worldwide, with performance settings that are continuously monitored and configurations managed by a dedicated team of deliverability engineers.
Mobile Email Guide
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Marketing Cloud Customer Stories

Aer Lingus logo

Aer Lingus Revenue Per Email Flies 132% Higher Than Travel Industry Benchmark

Having relied on a batch-and-blast approach to email marketing, Aer Lingus partnered with Oracle Marketing Cloud with the aim of fostering strong and long-lasting relationships with its customer base.
eHarmony logo

eHarmony Ignites Relationships Using Unique Data

eHarmony uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to achieve much higher engagement in digital marketing relationships with deeply personalized campaigns.
Canon logo

Canon Personalized Customer Conversations with Oracle

Canon Australia uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to personalize customer conversations with individuals and companies.
Telstra logo

Telstra Makes Meaningful Connections for Deeper Customer Relationships

Our newly redesigned customer e-newsletter is a valuable channel to help us serve and know our customers better than anyone else.
—Wilhelm De Salvo, Senior Digital Channels Specialist, Telstra
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