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Autonomous Data Warehouse

Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is Oracle's new, fully managed database tuned and optimized for data warehouse workloads with the market-leading performance of Oracle Database. It delivers a completely new, comprehensive cloud experience for data warehousing that is easy, fast, and elastic.

What's New in Oracle Data Warehousing

Market Leading Data Warehousing Technology

From on-prem to the cloud

Oracle has delivered four decades of data management and analytics innovation for on-premises, in-cloud and hybrid solutions. Leading industry analysts have consistently pointed out how Oracle stands out from the competition by offering a truly unique value proposition to its customers, and by its ability to consistently and efficiently execute on its strategy.

Better, faster analytic queries

Database In-Memory delivers speed-of-thought processing for sophisticated analytic queries. Database In-Memory implements leading-edge columnar data processing to accelerate your data warehouse analytics by orders of magnitude. Answers that used to take minutes to obtain are now available instantly. Questions that you used to dream about asking can now be quickly and easy answered.

Easier, faster management

Oracle Multitenant is the architecture for the next-generation data warehouse in the cloud. It delivers easier consolidation of data marts and data warehouses by offering complete isolation, agility and economies of scale. Oracle Multitenant offers additional benefits by providing a fast and efficient management framework for delivering sandboxes and data discovery platforms within the overall Oracle Big Data Management System.

Maintaining consistent performance

As data warehouse grows with Oracle Partitioning which enhances the manageability, performance, and availability of large data marts and data warehouses. It increases query performance by only working on the data that is relevant, improves availability through individual partition manageability and decreases costs by storing data in the most appropriate manner.

Temperature-based data optimization

Made possible with Automatic Data Optimization (ADO), which allows you to create policies for smart data compression and data movement making it possible to implement storage and compression tiering. ADO works in conjunction with Oracle Partitioning.

Effective use of all hardware resources

Oracle Database is able to efficiently leverage all hardware resources - multiple CPUs, multiple IO channels, multiple storage units, multiple nodes in a cluster. The Oracle Optimizer can automatically decide if a query should run in parallel and the degree of parallelism to use based on the resource requirements of the statement.

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