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Oracle Modern Best Practice for Healthcare Payer—Asset Acquisition

Asset Acquisition to Retirement
Maximize Payer Assets for Improved ROI

Capital Asset Acquisition to Retirement

As costs continue to rise, capital assets have an even greater impact on a healthcare payer’s long-term success. With Oracle Modern Best Practice for Healthcare Payer—Finance, you can gain more control of your asset management lifecycle by leveraging mobile, social, and analytics. Monitor and interact with your dispersed organizations through web-based applications to finalize asset activities and transfer data to general ledger. Take advantage of the cloud for an easy platform to securely collaborate on asset acquisition, deployment, depreciation, retirement, and reinstatement.

Acquire Assets
Mobile. Analytics. Social. icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Acquire Capital Assets

Record all capital asset acquisitions at all locations through purchases, projects, and contracts. Use secure social networks to interact on open issues, questions, and approvals.

Recognize and Register
Mobile. Analytics. Social. icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Recognize and Register

Automatically recognize assets at purchase. Use a preconfigured dashboard to register assets into service and define useful life and tax value.

Assign Amortization
Mobile. Analytics. icon Mobile. Analytics.

Assign Amortization

Automate asset depreciation calculation and assignment to cost centers, according to predefined rules. Track depreciation, tax breaks, and deferrals automatically.

De-recognition and Disposal
Mobile. Analytics. Social. icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Derecognition and Disposal

Manage valuations, disposals, derecognition, and retirements in compliance with Statutory Accounting Principles.

Manage Asset Insights
Mobile. Analytics. Social. icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Manage Capital Asset Insights

Use secure, role-based dashboards to centrally manage and monitor assets for all locations. Manage all alerts, reassignments, and period close.

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