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AI: Ready for Business

The central tenet of AI— to replicate and exceed the way humans perceive and react to the world around us — is set to become the cornerstone of innovation. Powered by various forms of machine learning that recognize patterns in data to enable predictions, AI will improve our interaction with technology, more comprehensively understand the abundance of data, and rely on the predictions to automate excessively complex or mundane tasks.

Three factors have led to increased attention and development for enterprise AI:

Affordable, high-performance compute

The abundance of commodity compute power in the cloud has provided the opportunity for affordable, high-performance compute power. Previously, AI computing environments have been cost prohibitive.

Data and AI need each other

AI requires data to understand the data we need. For AI to be effective, it uses techniques to learn from direct and indirect data sources. For our understanding of enterprise data, we also need AI to extract insights and complement analytics.

Applied AI delivers competitive advantage

Breakthrough consumer interactions using natural language can be transplanted into the enterprise to improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Drive Innovation with Enterprise AI Solutions

Oracle embeds AI across many of its business and technology services. Relying on years of domain expertise, and with a deep understanding of cross-industry and specific industry market trends, Oracle’s data scientists build models that solve key business problems and eliminate the need for you to build, train, and fine-tune a team to embed AI on your own.

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Adding machine learning and cognitive interactions to traditional business processes and applications enables greatly improved user experience and productivity. In addition to Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service, which includes high-performance training and operational infrastructure, Oracle embeds ready-to-use AI and machine-learning capabilities across Oracle’s SaaS, PaaS, and IOT services, including cognitive AI, analytics, data services, IT management, and security operations.

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