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Announcing Oracle Retail's new cloud offerings: deploy with speed and flexibility, add functionality that delivers real business value, and lower total cost of ownership.

Drive Profitable Growth

New Consumer Study: Retail Without Limits

In our findings, we challenge retailers to adapt to a modern retail marketplace without borders or limits, fuelled by the "invisible hand" of the now: the need for convenience, driven by technological advancements.

Drive Profitable Growth
89% of consumers

chose the competitor after a single negative experience.

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89% of consumers icon circle
85% of customers

expect a seamless experience across all channels.

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85% of customers icon circle
30-50% more

Amount multichannel buyers spend than single-channel shoppers

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30-50% more icon circle
19+% annual growth

in worldwide e-commerce sales

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19+% annual growth icon circle

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Webinar: Swarovski Transforms Retail Operations to Ensure a Consumer-Centric Business


Swarovski Transforms Retail Operations to Ensure a Consumer-Centric Business
Get the Inside Track

Learn how Swarovski leverages Xstore and Customer Engagement to create an exceptional experience for customers across the globe.

E-BOOK: Enabling the Commerce Anywhere Experience


Enabling the Commerce Anywhere Experience
Key Takeaways from #OracleIC15

Retail TouchPoints' editors take you behind the scenes and discuss the key messages and takeaways from one of retail's top events.

Blog Post: New Technologies in Retail


The Omnichannel Challenge: Strategies that Work
Benchmark Against Your Peers

New research shares retailer insights and challenges of executing an omnichannel strategy.

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