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Program and Campaign Management

Cross-Channel Orchestration

Program Orchestration

Provide a Sustainable Customer Experience

Part of Oracle Responsys, Program Orchestration is a simple, but powerful, canvas for marketers:
  • Orchestrate individual customer experiences across digital marketing channels, including email, mobile, display, and social.
  • Create consumer paths that are self-directed and drive higher conversion rates.
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Program Orchestration in Action

Customers move across channels and devices. So how do you keep up and manage every interaction? We’ve eliminated the need for compromise with our powerful, yet easy to use interface for program orchestration.

Adaptive Programs Transform the Customer Experience

Avoid customer journeys to nowhere.
Most customer journey tools use static email segments and non real-time data to inform the customer the path. Oracle Responsys allows the marketer to pipe in real-time behavioral data to inform the customer experience, allowing the customer to dictate the path that’s right for them based on their actions.
Test & optimize to iterate, rather than rebuild, your campaigns.
Marketers know the story. They create a campaign with a set of steps for the consumer to follow, but more often than not, the consumer deviates from that current path. Program Orchestration features rich testing and optimization tools that allow you to quickly adapt to the consumer path and ensure long-term success.

Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Cross-Channel Marketing

The customer experience as we know it is broken, out of order, or at best in life support. How can this be with all the advances in digital marketing?


Comcast Gets 20:1 Return on Customer Experience with Oracle

Comcast uses Oracle Marketing Cloud technology and expertise for a better customer experience with transparency and personalization using data-driven digital marketing that delivered a 20:1 return at this Fortune 50 media and entertainment company.

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Dollar Thrifty Drives Customer Loyalty and Retention with Email Marketing

Dollar Thrifty took advantage of relationship retargeting to get people who make a reservation to actually show up.

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"Now we use customer data and behavior to target display ads and deliver them when the customer is in the market. This aligns display with our contact strategy and our relationship marketing programs, and makes it easier to optimize.”

Marketing Leader, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

LookBook 2015

LookBook 2015 showcases the best branding and marketing campaigns of the year so you can see how designs, content, and innovative execution can inspire your own creative journey.

White Paper

Gartner Report

This Gartner report analyzes Critical Capabilities for Multichannel Campaign Management with Key Findings and Recommendations rating vendor performance in use cases and capabilities.


Mobile Email Guide

This guide walks you through where to begin optimizing mobile experiences and provides some design strategies to help you capture those clicks.