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Cross-Channel Marketing

Marketing to Consumers

With Oracle Responsys, Orchestrate a Consistent, Relevant Cross-Channel Experience for Consumers

Oracle’s Cross-Channel Marketing solution, Oracle Responsys, empowers marketers to deliver more relevant, real-time interactions for consumers across email, mobile, display, social, and web experiences. Program Orchestration offers a centralized canvas to coordinate personalized interactions with a powerful, point-and-click interface that helps marketers adapt—not just respond—to customer behavior.
Adapt to the real-time needs of consumers and avoid journeys to nowhere.
Despite all the hype about 1:1 customer relationships, marketing teams struggle to deliver on the promise. The main challenge: Static email segments and journey builders don’t adapt fast enough to keep pace with real customers and the unpredictable ways in which they move about the world. According to research from eConsultancy, only 12% of marketers believe their marketing is real-time enough to drive adequate business results.
Oracle Cross-Channel Marketing connects real-time consumer behavior to relevant experiences, messaging, and content. With simple, but powerful tools for marketing orchestration including Display Advertising and Message Designer, marketing teams can create a consumer path that’s self-directed and adaptive to consumer preferences, activities, and attributes.
Bridge silos between your marketing channels to create seamless consumer experience.
Nearly 90% of marketing teams experience silos between the technologies, processes and teams in which they work. The email team operates with different technology than the mobile team, which is different than the digital and web teams. The result is a broken customer experience. According to Accenture, nearly 80% of customers report a fragmented experience as they move across channels. Starting with Email Marketing, marketing teams can extend consistency and personalization across all channels.
Oracle Cross-Channel Marketing provides a centralized hub that allows marketers to centralize how teams orchestrate interactions across their marketing channels. With rich Analytics & Reporting, they can tie consumer engagement across channels to real, meaningful revenue.

What's New

Optimize Email Deliverability with Oracle Marketing Cloud Deliverability Plus

Email Deliverability is one of the most important but also one of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects of marketing. Modern Marketers know that getting messages to the inbox is critical to the overall success of their email marketing programs.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Deliverability Plus is a new tool that provides deeper insights into inbox placement and engagement metrics such as read and deleted rates. An advanced search and alert feature enables marketers to keep a close watch on industry trends and see how competitor campaigns measure up to their own. Minimize guesswork on how your campaigns are performing beyond delivery. Use real-time data to craft a proven working strategy.

In-App Messaging

It’s no secret that mobile apps are on the rise. Modern Marketers need to build a strong relationship with their app users from the moment that they download the app before the user disengages with the app completely. With Oracle In-App Messaging, marketers have the ability to show an alert (in the form of an app overlay) within the app to share a direct and highly relevant message with their user. These messages can come in the form of promotions, new releases, reminders, or even feedback.  In-app messaging is a very effective way of creating a rich app experience because it is highly contextual and rooted in analytics, and can be triggered based on user interactions. Using this mobile messaging tool, Modern Marketers can now interact with their customers within an app to drive the already engaged audience down the funnel to conversion.

Multivariate Testing

With Multivariate Testing, marketers can now be certain they are driving the most engagement and generating the highest revenue possible from their emails. The Oracle Marketing Cloud’s B2C multivariate testing capability dramatically expands upon the traditional A/B test, allowing marketers to test up to 8 variations simultaneously. It gives marketers the freedom to be more creative, more experimental, and ultimately, more successful. With the easy to use interface, the effort required to create a multivariate test has been dramatically reduced, giving marketers the opportunity to test every campaign. Ease of use and expanded capabilities ensure that marketers will maximize overall engagement, conversion, and revenue on every customer touchpoint.

Send Time Optimization

Oracle offers Modern Marketers deeper insights into when their customers are opening and reading their emails. The B2C Cross-Channel Marketing platform’s tailored solution enables marketers to learn when the best time is to deliver email messages to a customer on each day, down to the hour that the message should be sent. Stay top-of-mind with customers by sending to the top of their inbox and building customer relationships. Minimize overnight and early morning spam-like communications to optimize open rates, click through rates, and overall customer engagement.

Rapid Retargeter

Marketers can now re-engage customers in near real time to ensure follow through to purchase after customers visit their website. Initiate cross-channel orchestrations within a matter of minutes if customers abandon their browsing session, shopping cart, or complete their purchase. Give customers a contextual experience that drives purchase and upsell potential. Don’t take customer abandonment personally. Always-on customers can easily be distracted by a noisy world and tune out brand interactions. Follow up with customers who are interested in your brand and get that purchase conversion.

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“There are a lot of platforms that can do email, there are platforms that can do display, but having separate platforms really makes it difficult to bring a consistency in the message and who you are delivering it to. With Oracle, we have that single view of our customers.”

Jennifer Downes | Director of Response Marketing, Lenovo



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