Oracle Sales and Operations Planning

Continuously adjust operating plans to meet company objectives and align execution across the enterprise with sales and operations planning (S&OP).

Enable a continuous S&OP process.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales and Operations Planning

Achieve your long-term revenue goals with sales and operations planning

Connect strategy and operations

Execute a continuous, forward-looking S&OP process that connects strategy and operations. Develop the best plans by quickly balancing demand and supply alternatives using best practices.

Drive consensus S&OP from your teams

Synchronize finance and material planning goals and evaluate scenarios to settle on an optimal sales and operations plan.

Monitor and resolve problems

Identify S&OP issues and resolve them with a guided, step-by-step approach. Leverage social tools to provide insights for effective collaboration.

Gain consensus S&OP and bridge the gap between planning and execution

Plan aggregate capacity with financial objectives

Make long-term, strategic decisions that optimize resource planning and usage.

Analyze performance and identify exceptions

Monitor your actual performance versus targets with best practice charts and graphs that graphically display results. Drill down into details to get the root cause of problems and take corrective action.

Simulate alternative scenarios

Evaluate multiple what-if scenarios with in-line simulation to support plan decisions. See the impact of changes to a wide range of supply chain parameters, such as capacity, lead times, or bill of resources.

Connect S&OP with execution

Link your sales and operations planning to sales and operations execution (S&OE) to effectively implement plans across the enterprise and your supply chain network.

Link S&OP decisions with overall business planning

Monitor and manage the health of your product portfolio

Use proven best practices to manage your product portfolio through the entire product lifecycle, with full visibility from launch to the end of useful life.

Leverage built-in best practices in your sales and operations planning process

Manage sales and operations planning with commonly understood and widely deployed S&OP process templates.

Drive collaboration with your employees and trading partners

Take advantage of integrated supply chain collaboration capabilities to accelerate understanding and agreement globally.

Sales and Operations Planning customer successes

Customers in diverse industries across the globe leverage Oracle Sales and Operations Planning to move toward continuous planning and improved results.

Oracle customer success

Oracle orchestrates its multibillion-dollar supply chain operations using Oracle Sales and Operations Planning

Oracle Sales and Operations Planning use cases

Integrated business planning

Align end-to-end planning with a unified data model and advanced analytics to speed decision-making and the planning process.

Sales and Operations Planning (5:24)

Enable continuous planning

Balance demand and supply using rapid what-if simulations, reduce decision latency, and improve profitability and customer service.

Datasheet: Oracle Sales and Operations Planning (PDF)

Improve sales and operations planning with embedded analytics

Improve planning speed and accuracy with predictions and recommendations from advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things and machine learning.

How Titan International became a smart, connected manufacturer (2:02)

Oracle Sales and Operations Planning Product Tour

A formal integrated business planning process

Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) enables continuous and forward-looking integrated business planning by profitably aligning product, demand, supply, workforce, and sales plans with operational and financial objectives from Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management. It orchestrates the formal planning process, providing focused guidance for each step.

Orchestrate efficient process management

To help executives define and refine their objectives, the S&OP process starts off with the planning cycle. It combines reviews of product management, demand, and supply with a focus on future actions, and aligns operating plans with financial goals. By assigning and monitoring tasks and actions to stakeholders, this view enforces process discipline and time bound decision making.

Use built-in templates for detailed reviews and analysis

You can use configurable templates to engage stakeholders in the five standard integrated business planning cycle reviews. These include the Product Review, Demand Review, Supply Review, Financial Review, and Executive Review. For example, the product management team can access the Product Review summary to analyze a company’s product portfolio in the context of their financial forecast and growth goals.

The unified data model provides a single view for all participants, taking the pain away from having to compile fragmented data from many systems.

Monitor product lifecycle phases

Within the Product Review, you can perform a cross-functional review of new products and the life cycle of maturing products. It highlights the net revenue and profitability impact of new product launches, while managing inventory obsolescence for items that are being phased out.

Weigh demand trade-offs

To help you make informed strategic decisions on future demand, Oracle S&OP’s Demand Review compares the current operational forecast with new financial, sales and marketing forecasts from Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management. You can analyze forecasts for new and existing products to reach stakeholder consensus on the future demand plan. Oracle Demand Management and Supply Planning can use the consensus plan as the starting point for tactical planning.

Review supply feasibility

The Supply Review analyzes supply constraints that could limit your ability to satisfy new demand. You can simulate for the revenue at risk due to changes, identify bottlenecks, and develop corresponding contingency plans.

Leverage your resources

The Supply Review also analyses resource utilization and resource availability to reveal spare capacity and bottlenecks. Bills of resources select the critical components, subassemblies and resources for aggregate planning. By eliminating non-essential detail and computational burden, they accelerate plan simulations and focus attention on strategic capacity and manpower plans.

Simulate the financial impact of capacity changes

The Financial Review phase evaluates the new S&OP plan for financial performance. Oracle S&OP helps validate whether new investments on capacity augmentation are financially viable, evaluating their ability to meet revenue targets, preserve margins, and improve returns on invested capital.

Respond to changing business conditions

You can generate alternative plans collaboratively with stakeholders to respond to changing conditions. These include demand volatility, price and cost changes, changes in bills of resources, capacities, lead times and other disruptions. Detailed plan comparisons allow you to review the pros and cons of a new S&OP plan relative to the baseline plan.

IBPX made robust and simple

Oracle S&OP integrates business planning and execution by converging strategic and financial plans, S&OP plans, and their execution on congruent enterprise goals, such as market growth, profitability and cost. Executives get a clear view of operations, so they can collaborate on actionable plans to enter new markets, stimulate growth, enhance margins, or reduce costs.

May 9, 2022

Moving your supply chain planning to the cloud? Consider these 5 key areas

Daniel Bachar, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle

Organizations are taking big steps ahead of their competitors, investing in new supply chain planning solutions to help them improve their operations and processes.

Moving supply chain planning to the cloud is a shift that every organization is either thinking about, or already doing. No matter how synchronized your supply chain planning is on-premises, having your supply chain planning solution in the cloud will provide many new benefits.

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