Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client Components

Faster, Simpler and Richer User Interface Development

Oracle ADF Faces Components is a set of over a 150 Ajax-enabled JSF components that let you build a richer Web user interface for Java EE applications. Oracle ADF Faces Components are free to develop and deploy through Oracle ADF Essentials.

 Oracle ADF Faces Quick Overview Demo
 Oracle Alta UI Work Better Application Demo
demoicon Oracle ADF Faces Data Visualization Demo
 Tutorial - Developing with Oracle ADF Faces
ADF Faces

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New - Oracle Alta UI Design Patterns for Oracle ADF Faces

Key features of Oracle ADF Faces

  • Over 150+ AJAX-enabled components
  • Extensive data visualization components
  • JSF 2 Support
  • Complete JavaScript API
  • Drag and Drop Framework
  • Dialog and Popup Framework
  • Navigation Menu Framework
  • Internationalization and Accessibility support
  • Tablet/Touch Gesture Support
  • Declarative Partial Page Rendering
  • Support for Skinning
  • Support for Page templates, reusable page regions, and declarative components
  • Support for the Oracle Alta UI 
  • Integration with ADFc to support TaskFlows and bookmarking
  • Integration with ADFm to support data bindings.
  • Oracle ADF Security Support

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