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Improved Supply Chain Visibility and Traceability

Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace is a prebuilt blockchain application that seamlessly connects with Oracle SaaS and PaaS as well as other cloud and on-premises third-party applications. It provides end-to-end visibility into multienterprise supply chain networks, enabling asset owners to track and trace things of value to achieve faster results and establish trust between participating trading partners.

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Intelligent Track and Trace

Product Features and Capabilities

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Prebuilt and Connected

Built on Oracle Blockchain Platform, this cloud-based application can be integrated with a range of enterprise applications such as supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer experience (CX), and the Internet of Things (IoT). The application:

  • Extracts transactions from multiple sources
  • Provides a real-time view of business transactions
  • Uses fine-grained access control to provide track-and-trace reporting, insights, and analytics based on a trading partner’s privileges on a network

Increased Trust

Trust is established throughout the network by recording nondisputable transactions from the respective partner enterprise applications. A timeline view shows tracking history with drill-down displays of business documents that are securely committed to the distributed ledger. The founder and partners can add business rules in the form of smart contracts that are executed and validated at runtime.

Faster Results—At a Lower Cost

With Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace, customers can transform their businesses with new, fast-changing innovations, accelerated business processes, and reduced cost and risk.

Industry Expertise

Oracle has decades of industry experience and an extensive partner ecosystem. Moreover, Oracle has engaged with a selected number of supply chain customers as design partners to develop solutions across a variety of industries including:

  • Product provenance tracking from manufacturing plant to retail store for a leading global retailer
  • Traceability and control from farm to fork for an international meat producer
  • Tracking and tracing of perishable products across the supply chain
  • Regulatory compliance for an international cosmetics manufacturer

Simulation Capability

Built-in simulators provide a view of the value realized before systems are implemented. Simulators are also used to help define business networks and their associated transactions.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility into participating business partners is controlled by the founder (owner) who defines the business transaction flows, all of which can be monitored.

Stakeholder Privileges

Line of business heads can realize increased business velocity and innovation while reducing cost and risk. IT managers and enterprise architects have the support they require for a variety of use cases and hybrid deployments. With less development required, OpEx costs will be lower.


  • The owner who establishes which partners become part of the network. The founder is the administrator and handles the accounts on the network. Only a founder can run simulations.
  • Endorsing Partner(s)

  • Trading partners with privileges that allow them to define rules for transaction validation and visibility. They also get their own copy of the distributed ledgers.
  • Participating Partner(s)

  • A trading partner who can post documents and access Oracle Track and Trace in read-only mode.

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