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Thomas Kurian, President, Product Development for Oracle talks about the benefits of modernizing and managing your infrastructure and applications using Oracle Management Cloud.

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Why You Want to Modernize Your Systems Management and Move it to the Cloud

It's time for a new modern approach, and organizations know it.

We predict that 60% of IT organizations will move systems management to the cloud by 2020. It's a bold prediction, and for most organizations, the cloud journey has just begun. Thank you for taking a minute to understand why Oracle believes change is coming in this area so rapidly.

Current approaches to systems management don't work, and organizations know it. Surveys show that less than 10% of customers trust their monitoring strategy which is particularly disheartening given monitoring tools have had over 30 years to deliver working solutions. Furthermore, over 50% recognize that they need new solutions designed for the scale and complexity of the era of digital business, hybrid cloud, DevOps and big data.

Cloud-based management solutions can ingest and process massive amounts of structured and unstructured data without requiring any effort by customers.

A typical company has over one hundred-and-twenty monitoring tools gathering time-series metric and configuration data, and they also generate several terabytes of logs every single day. That means 120 independent data silos of uncorrelated structured data, and tons of relevant (but also un-correlated) unstructured data. Consider this - the time IT professionals spend on trying to make sense of all this data is time taken away from trying to prevent a problem or fixing an issue! The point of systems management is to manage other applications, the systems management regime itself shouldn't be a massive, custom application.

A modern solution furthermore requires a machine-learning based approach that is not so dependent on human effort. Traditional "single pane of glass" monitoring tools gather a good deal of data, but expect humans to do the heavy lifting in terms of figuring out patterns in systems behavior and relationships between various events. Machine learning algorithms using anomaly detection to identify unusual behavior, clustering to identify patterns in data that should be flagged, multivariate correlation to understand relationships between and among data sets and prediction algorithms reduce the human dependency and help to look forward rather than just backwards. A SaaS or cloud-based approach to machine learning delivers instant value, has already been tuned and comes pre-optimized for analyzing vast amounts of data.

Cloud-based management solutions can make well-tuned, intelligent and optimized machine learning available instantly to customers with essentially no effort on their part.

Given that most organizations are already unsatisfied with their current management approaches and given that a SaaS-based approach offers a low-effort way to overcome the major issues with existing approaches, it's no wonder that at Oracle, we expect 60% of IT organizations will move systems management to the cloud by 2020.

Explore the resources on this page to learn what benefits modernizing your systems management with Oracle Cloud Platform could bring to you.

Modern System Management
Modern System Management icon Modern System Management

Designed for today’s heterogeneous environments: On premises, Oracle Cloud, and third-party cloud services

Oracle Management Cloud is a suite of next-generation integrated monitoring, management, and analytics solutions delivered as a service on Oracle Cloud.

Continuous monitoring for DevOps
Continuous monitoring for DevOps icon Continuous Monitoring for DevOps

Rapidly diagnose complex problems across application tiers

With Oracle Management Cloud, you can eliminate disparate silos across end-user and infrastructure data, troubleshoot problems quickly, and run IT like a business.

Rapid Troubleshooting
Rapid Troubleshooting icon Rapid Troubleshooting

Rapidly identify, isolate, triage, diagnose, and auto-remediate application issues before customers are impacted

By leveraging Oracle Management Cloud, enterprises reduce mean time to repair, break down barriers between development and operations teams, and ensure a good user experience for critical business applications.

Outage prediction
Outage prediction icon Outage Prediction

Powered by Machine Learning

Oracle Management Cloud comes preloaded with powerful machine learning algorithms to give customers smarter insights with no effort on their part. Anomaly detection algorithms identify normal and abnormal behavior, providing early warning of problems. Clustering algorithms use pattern recognition to reduce noise and get to the right information quickly. Prediction algorithms use historical data to provide what-if analysis and identify trends that require attention. Correlation algorithms discover dependencies, topologies, and relationships among the IT estate, no matter how often and quickly it changes.

IDEXX Talks About the Benefits of Oracle Management Cloud background image
IDEXX Talks About the Benefits of Oracle Management Cloud

Oracle Management Cloud really helps us get away from those long war room sessions full of many IT employees trying to drill down and figure out what's going on. It allows us to have a single view across our entire infrastructure and really tells us what we need to know.

—Brett Curtis, Principal Systems Administrator, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
DSS Meets Business Requirements with Oracle Management Cloud  background image
Australian Department of Social Services Meets Business Requirements with Oracle Management Cloud
Hitachi Consulting: Management Cloud Drives DevOps Agility background image
Hitachi Consulting: Management Cloud Drives DevOps Agility
Safexpress Eliminates IT War Rooms with Efficient Management background image
Safexpress Eliminates IT War Rooms with Efficient Management

Oracle Management Cloud has enabled us to manage our IT more efficiently. It allows us to scale, manage our peaks better, and provides us flexibility. Most importantly, it helps in detecting issues such as slow transactions and helps resolve them proactively and faster. This makes a difference to our operational efficiencies which in turn directly impacts positively our customer's experience.

—Rubal Jain, Managing Director, Safexpress Pvt. Ltd.
IDEA Cellular Transforms IT Management with Machine Learning background image
IDEA Cellular Transforms IT Management with Machine Learning

As we get into the digital space and embrace the digital ecosystem more and more, it will be impossible to do without an environment such as Oracle Management Cloud.

—Prakash Paranjape, CIO, IDEA Cellular

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