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Easily create, syndicate, and distribute relevant and consistent content through digital channels. Oracle Content Management is a centralized content management system (CMS) offering video creation and digital asset management tools to personalize customer experiences (CX) with smart content and recommendations.

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Smart content creation and recommendations

Quickly and efficiently assemble the right content and build highly personalized customer experiences with smart content and recommendations.

Content wizard

Provide a step-by-step, use-case–specific content wizard for a guided experience that streamlines the writing and publishing of articles, blogs, landing pages, emails, service/support materials, and more.

Smart tagging

Improve discoverability and eliminate content tagging errors. AI helps you understand and classify your content with image recognition and natural language processing (NLP).


Make it easier to find your content, including video, with relevant keywords and visual search.


Feed audience and profile data from other applications into the Oracle Content Management recommendations engine to personalize customer experiences.

Video creation platform

Collaborate with fans, employees, and customers around the world to create user-generated content at scale. Our mobile and desktop platform gives you the tools to build a powerful, resourceful video team so you can realize your brand’s creative vision and get videos to market quickly—while reducing production costs.

Capture together

Create a video project using a brief to describe the goals and content required, and then invite collaborators to capture, upload, edit, curate, and deliver their video content.

Smartphone video capture

Create a video project, add a shot list, and then invite collaborators to capture and upload footage—all through your smartphone.

Collect and review

Curate your video content collaboratively in the cloud. Easily search through the library of footage, add labels and communicate with your team to achieve high quality video content.

Cloud video editing

The desktop platform and mobile app offer powerful cloud-based video editing capabilities, designed to make video creation fast and easy.

Introducing Oracle Sauce

Sales Accelerator

Oracle Sales Accelerator centralizes all your sales enablement material into one location so that your sellers can easily find the most recent and relevant content. Support your global salesforce and partner network to close sales faster.

Cross-functional collaboration

Increase collaboration between sales and marketing teams with direct communication and faster discoverability. Build and edit content in a single content management system, providing one updated view to all. Sellers can also add their own content, such as customer win stories. Expand sales reach by giving partners access to content from the repository.

Publishing and approval workflow

Approve and publish curated, branded content in an easy and timely manner for all your customer-facing teams—marketers, sellers, and partners. Distribute approved content to multiple channels, including public-facing sites and blogs. Send automatic email notifications of new or updated content.

Integrated access to sales enablement content

Help your sellers focus on selling. Embed Sales Accelerator into any application so that your sellers have the most strategic content right at their fingertips—at just the right time.

Replicate an in-person experience for buyers

Easily build customized portals through digital sales rooms to share highly targeted, relevant marketing content, collaborate on solutions, and craft custom proposals. Maintain security by restricting user access for highly sensitive documents, such as invoicing and contracts. With CRM integration, you can transparently manage your customer’s lifecycle, from automated creation of opportunities to ensuring faster renewals.

Enhanced video support

Take your content strategy to the next level. Oracle Content Management makes it easy to create and manage videos (PDF) that get your customers’ attention and keeps them engaged.

Video tagging

Find the videos you need faster and easier. Smart video tagging makes it easier to discover and reuse videos. Tagging both the general video content as well as subjects within the video allow you to search for aspects within the video content itself.


Collaborate with your team to create meaningful and effective videos. Add comments and flags, and trim, crop, or edit video within the tool. Streamlined workflows help you efficiently review or approve assets.

Video analysis

Analyze video playback to optimize and improve your video content. See who’s watching your videos, how they’re accessing them, and where they’re consuming your content from. The desktop platform and mobile app video creation fast and easy with robust, cloud-based video editing capabilities.

Simplified omnichannel delivery

Make the right content available exactly when and where customers engage within your brand. Oracle Content Management is an API-first platform that allows you to place content any place it needs to go—without creating more work for IT.

Decoupled management and delivery

Improve your management and deployment workflows by using your favorite front-end technologies while creating and reusing your best content easily.

Site building

Launch sites and pages quickly with in-context, drag-and-drop tools designed for marketers.

CX channel delivery

Deliver more consistent customer experiences across marketing, ecommerce, sales, and service channels. Deliver digital assets and content items as fully rendered HTML for use in Oracle Eloqua-based marketing campaigns and other channels.

Collaboration and workflow

Work more efficiently within and across teams using popular creative and productivity tools and calendars connected to Oracle’s centralized content hub.


Improve the accuracy and speed of content approval and launch. In-context annotation and comments allow you to improve efficiency by moving offline approval processes online.


Accelerate speed to market and streamline content creation with flagging and approval and publishing workflows.

Content scheduling

Improve planning and collaboration across all content channels with an easy-to-read and easy-to-use content calendar. Stream and deliver videos efficiently to multiple channels or campaigns.

Available everywhere, for everyone

Collaborate with teams and agencies across mobile, web, or desktops—for all types of content—to keep projects moving forward no matter how your teams prefer to work.

Flexible integrations and scalability

Create and add content from popular applications while managing and delivering your content at scale. Integration options allow you to augment your CX content features with smart authoring and digital asset management (DAM) powered by AI and machine learning.

Content connectors

Gain easy access to all of your content in one central place using prebuilt integrations and connector frameworks to existing repositories such as Dropbox.

App and desktop integrations

Do your creative work in the application you’re familiar with, such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office 365, while managing your content in a centralized hub.

CX integrations

Extend your existing Oracle CX application’s content features with full digital asset management and AI-driven smart authoring capabilities.

Generation 2 Cloud

Access the latest updates automatically and ensure fast content delivery using Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation integration

Deliver digital assets and content items as fully rendered HTML for use in Oracle Eloqua-based marketing campaigns and other channels.

Universal Asset Hub

Spend more time creating outstanding content and less time searching for what you need. Oracle’s Universal Asset Hub gives you a centralized solution to create, manage, and distribute any content or asset type.

Any content, anywhere

Access and organize any type of structured or unstructured content from any source with Oracle’s mobile and desktop integration.

Headless experiences

Have the flexibility to consume content from any application using complete and open APIs to connect your systems.

Video management

Stream engaging videos that maintain the consistent look and feel of your brand.

AirBorn uses platform for content management

AirBorn accelerates digital transformation with Oracle Content Management

“As we got into the platform, we started learning about so many things we could do, and we were able to quickly spin up what we needed for this project. What’s next for us? The sky really is the limit.”

—Patrick Tolbert, Global Marketing Manager, AirBorn

Oracle Content Management customer successes

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Learn how marketers, just like you, use Oracle Content Management to create, syndicate, and distribute relevant and consistent content. Click on any logo to learn more.

Key benefits—content management

Maintain content consistency and governance

Centralize the creation, approval, management, and distribution of content. Digital asset management helps you maintain brand consistency and govern content quality.

Watch a short demo of content management governance (1:42)

Develop new, personalized experiences in minutes

Quickly create internal/external landing pages or entire websites as part of personalized, multichannel marketing campaigns.

How to personalize B2C marketing campaigns

How to personalize B2B marketing campaigns

Transform the customer experience (CX)

Transform your business and build the best customer experiences with a headless CMS platform that brings offline processes online, supports cross-team collaboration in real time, connects technologies, and extends content into new digital channels.

Blog: How to add blogs to your website with a headless CMS

Increase engagement across commerce channels

Enrich product descriptions and add digital assets to add interest and increase engagement across your commerce channels.

Save time, reduce creation costs, and increase content visibility

Combine content creation, management, publishing, and delivery to create personalized content at scale and deliver it—in real time—across various channels.

Content and video creation, management, delivery—deep dive

JANUARY 6, 2022

Why digital asset management is important

Karma Bennett, Content marketing, Oracle

A digital asset management system (DAM) provides a central location to organize your assets, such as images, video, and other rich media, and allows you to create rules defining how and where they can be used. As you read this, you might be thinking, "Our content management system (CMS) holds the images for our website. So why bother with a digital asset manager?" There are eight reasons why.

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Using a content management system (CMS)

A content management system is used to create, edit, organize, and publish content, including web content, as well as to create and manage websites. By providing an easy and cost-effective solution for content management, a CMS allows content marketers manage and distribute their content without having to invest in a full-time content development team.

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