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Oracle Insight for COO/VP Supply Chain

Oracle Insight for COO/VP Supply Chain
Build a Modern Supply Chain

What technology trends will continue to affect business in 2019? How can companies get ahead of the competition? Oracle Insight's experts share their views on the continuing need for digital transformation in the enterprise world.

Rethink Internet of Things

It’s time to rethink the way we deliver and use IoT in the corporate world by disruptive approaches, such as forgetting use cases, giving away corporate data, and supporting an IoT search engine. Is the world ready to see the true power of IoT unleashed?

Strategic Procurement for SMBs

Why have a strategic approach to procurement?

A strategic approach to procurement isn't just for large companies. Can you benefit from higher cost savings, access to market innovations, and achieving strategic business objectives?

Cloud Supply Chain Management

Can you achieve a digital transformation of your supply chain?

A digital transformation of your operations/supply chain will do more than just reduce costs—it will move your business into the future. Make the most of this transformation to drive greater business value.

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