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Oracle DataFox Data Management for marketing

Oracle DataFox Data Management product tour

Discover how DataFox helps to make better decisions about your marketing campaigns.

Explore Oracle DataFox for sales and supply chain

See how Oracle DataFox not only improves marketing, but it also delivers insights for sales, account-based marketing, and supplier intelligence.

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Oracle DataFox provides B2B company data points and milestones/signals to enrich your records, enabling you to easily target the right companies at the right time and personalize every interaction. Oracle DataFox’s data engine leverages AI—a combination of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and human-in-the-loop techniques—to automate data collection and aggregation.

In today’s marketing landscape, marketing teams are focusing on account-centric approaches to better target their go-to-market strategies. To succeed, they need to perfectly align on their target accounts and optimize engagement but often struggle as they do not have the proper account data in place.

Datafox Data Management for marketing
Image 1: Know how many of your marketing contacts match with companies in Oracle DataFox.

How Oracle DataFox works

Enrich lead management database

  • Enrich your lead management database with AI-powered account intelligence data (firmographic data plus your custom-built account score), through the pre-built integration with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation
  • Utilize our DataFox CRM integrations and APIs to make the same data easily available elsewhere in your sales and marketing stack so everyone can access the same intelligence and work more effectively

Prioritize accounts

  • Leverage a transparent account scoring model to prioritize accounts that meet your established ideal customer profile
  • Target the right accounts to create a faster path to revenue

Personalize marketing campaigns

  • Personalize at scale by building account-based segments and signal-triggered campaigns
  • Engage relevantly with your customers by tailoring dynamic content to an individual based on robust account data

Unify sales and marketing efforts

  • Use a shared account score to align with sales on which accounts to target
  • Easily coordinate account-based marketing campaigns and strategies and work as a single team to enhance revenue

Expand campaign footprints

  • Identify new accounts to increase revenue potential
  • Run advanced searches to identify new accounts that are a good fit and that you are not yet targeting. Quickly add them to your database.

Marketing benefits of Oracle DataFox

  • Align sales and marketing teams with a shared account score they can use to prioritize and target the right accounts
  • Append company-level (i.e. firmographic) data directly onto accounts or contacts for more accurate lead-to-company matching and lead routing
  • Quickly find and prioritize target accounts for your various marketing campaigns
  • Define account-based segments
  • Create dynamic lists of target accounts to add to event-triggered campaigns

How Oracle DataFox Data Management’s data is sourced

Oracle DataFox combines multiple sourcing methods to deliver scalability and accuracy.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Our data engine uses natural language processing to parse the public web for relevant information and structure free-form text from unstructured content—such as news articles, press releases, government filings, social media, job listings, blog posts, and more. Machine learning locates data anomalies and sends to human analysts to verify accuracy. Proprietary, trained models distill signals down to 68 predefined categories, including leadership change, IPO, funding round, acquisition, new product launch, and more, and delivers them in real time. The human analyst team also reviews many data attributes to ensure accuracy and to improve model results. Finally, these trained models pick out identifiable companies from articles or snippets of text on the web and determine the correct company entity to match that data to, even if company names are ambiguous. All data points are deduplicated and matched to a verified, legitimate company.

Data partners

If there is a data vendor who specializes in a certain data type, Oracle will partner with that vendor instead of building another, redundant sourcing mechanism. These partnerships ensure the greatest possible quantity of quality of data.

Human analysts

We have used human analysts for years, both to verify data accuracy and provide more training data to feed back into the machine learning models. Our data verification team works to authenticate, validate, and update core data points found on company profiles such as those used for account segmentation and lead routing rules. In addition, the teams work to resolve data anomalies detected by AI-enhanced workflows and implement data enhancement/company addition requests.

User contributions

Every company profile has the option to suggest an edit to a specific data point. These suggestions, along with requests to add a company, are sent to our human analyst team to verify and correct. Since Oracle DataFox Data Management is used daily by thousands, user contributions create a powerful feedback loop that ensures the data is as accurate as possible.

DataFox Data Management for marketing—relevant data points

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    Company-level (firmographic) data

  • Address

    • City*
    • Country*
    • State*
    • Street
    • Postal code

    *Data points enriched on records in Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

  • Company

    • Company name*
    • DataFox company ID*
    • Company status
    • Company description
    • CEO name and email (United States only)
    • Number of employees*
    • Tech stack
    • Year founded
    • Stock ticker
    • Corporate hierarchy (parent/child/investment)

    *Data points enriched on records in Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

  • Industry

    • Industry NAICS code and description
    • Industry keywords*
    • Industry category*
    • Sub-industry category*

    *Data points enriched on records in Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

  • Prioritization

    • Account score*
    • Account tier*

    *Data points enriched on records in Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

  • Financial

    • Revenue estimate*
    • Total funding
    • Last funding round amount
    • Last funding round date
    • Last funding round stage

    *Data points enriched on records in Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

  • Content links

    • Crunchbase ID
    • Company URL
    • Blog URL
    • AngelList slug
    • LinkedIn ID

    Company signals (actions/milestones/events)

  • Growth

    • Partnership or joint venture
    • Sales or user growth
    • New geography
    • New products, initiatives, or strategy
    • New patent or regulatory approval
    • Office space expansion
    • Won a major customer
  • Financial

    • Made acquisition
    • Debt financing
    • SEC, regulatory filings, and IPOs
    • Acquisitions (data/acquirer/acquisition cost)
    • Invested in a company
    • Merger, restructuring, or ownership change
    • Received private funding
    • Historical funding (round/amount/date/ investors)
  • Financial

    • Revenue estimate*
    • Total funding
    • Last funding round amount
    • Last funding round date
    • Last funding round stage

    *Data points enriched on records in Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

  • People

    • Executive quote or publication
    • Headcount growth
    • Key executive hire or promotion
    • Leadership change
  • Awards and recognition

    • Award received
    • Included in industry news
    • Included in industry lists
  • Negative news

    • Bankruptcy
    • Industry or competitive
    • Financial changes
    • Key executive departure
    • Layoffs, legal, regulatory, and security issues
  • Events and marketing

    • Accelerator or incubator participation
    • Exhibitor or presenter at an event
    • Conference or event sponsorship
    • Conference or event attendee
    • Video presentation, podcast, or demo
  • Corporate updates

    • Purchased or became a customer
    • Outsourcing
    • Real estate sale or relocation
    • Reorganization or name change

About Oracle DataFox Data Management

Oracle DataFox Data Management provides AI-sourced, human-verified company data and signals. This account intelligence platform continuously extracts detailed data on more than 8.5 million public and private businesses while adding approximately 2.2 million businesses annually.

Customers use DataFox’s insightful data to enrich leads, prioritize accounts, refresh and harmonize marketing data, and identify new prospects.

Learn more about Oracle DataFox Data Management capabilities

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