Frictionless buying: Deliver a personalized and consistent buying experience across channels

Reach out to your target customers using personalized and consistent cross-channel experiences. Oracle Digital Experience for Communications—Buy experience helps you grow your revenue quickly, improve your offer acceptance rate, and sell higher-value products.

Why choose Oracle Digital Experience for Communications—Buy experience?

01Deliver personalized communications buying experiences

Engage prospects and customers across channels with personalized ecommerce experiences, content offers, marketing campaigns, and product mixes based on each prospect’s needs.

Omdia Research: Customer-centric buying experiences

02Rapidly introduce new digital channels

Use prebuilt UI components as is or customize to meet your business needs. Our buy experience offers components based on TM Forum Open APIs.

TM Forum report: Attaining agility

03Achieve interoperability and coexistence

Use standards-based, open APIs to ease integration and fully leverage your sales, ecommerce, and other CX investments.

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04Make subscription management simple

Remove complexity from the process and allow your customers to manage their own plans and services.

Swisscom boosts growth, customer engagement with Oracle

Swisscom, Switerland’s leading communication provider, wanted to pursue new B2B and B2C business models to find new business growth areas.

Oracle Digital Experience for Communications—features and benefits

Transform your customers’ experiences with your business, increase your share of wallet, and tailor products and services to each customer’s needs.

Unified sales catalog

Offer highly relevant product recommendations, an omnichannel commerce catalog, and a persistent shopping cart that stays with your customers as they navigate different channels. Your customers can start buying on one channel and continue on another to complete the purchase—without losing context or repeating information.

Fully integrated, omnichannel ecommerce

Deliver a consistent experience for your customers by giving your agents a single 360-degree view of relevant customer data across channels. Benefit from our integrated lead-to-quote-to-order and MACD capabilities with modern, intuitive interfaces for both customer self-service and employee use.

Infinitely flexible bundles

Engage your customers with offers and bundles (simple, family, n-play offers, etc.), intelligent offer recommendations, flexible pricing and promotions, and subscription agreements—all tailored to meet your customers’ individual needs.

Subscription life-cycle management

Sell products and services as one-time purchases, subscriptions based on consumption, or a combination of these. Make easy changes to subscription plans and activate them instantly with integrated fulfillment, billing, invoicing, payments, and accounting processes.

Offer creation

Rapidly create relevant offers and bundles by defining core and noncore products, flexible bundles and components, pricing, terms, and eligibility rules using a single intuitive business user interface. Improve the design-time experience with a modern, guided UX.

One-click publishing

Improve campaign time to market with one-click release and publishing. With prebuilt integrations to sales, commerce, provisioning, billing catalogs, and more, newly launched offers get automatically propagated—without IT involvement.

Discover the core capabilities of Digital Experience for Communications.

Use data and AI to launch offers, acquire and retain customers, deliver omnichannel commerce and customer care, and fulfill and monetize services at scale.

“Most CSPs have much to do in order to provide a digital experience that is comparable with that of digital-native companies.”

Thought leadership

Accelerating progress: The new norm for communications providers

John Katsoulis, Senior Manager, Content Marketing Strategy, Oracle Advertising and CX

Opportunities to better serve your customer and provide them the best customer experience prove critical to success for all business, but increasingly so for communications providers. See what the future holds for your business as CX solutions help you move to regaining market share and ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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