Increase business agility with CX industry framework

Increase business agility and lower IT costs with an open industry architecture. Oracle Digital Experience for Communications supports TM Forum™ Open Digital Architecture and open APIs, making it easy for you to rapidly deploy new services while maintaining interoperability with existing systems. Deliver omnichannel, digital-first, and contextual experiences while lowering IT costs and risk.

Why choose Oracle Digital Experience for Communications?

01Decouple your systems of engagement from your systems of record

Keep up with the pace of business by quickly innovating at the experience layer while maintaining interoperability with systems of record.

TM Forum: Open APIs, ODA, and Ecosystems: A Recipe for Industry Transformation (PDF)

02 Separate design time from run time and centralize design of offers

Use a business-friendly application to design and launch new products, offers, and services. Any application can then use the catalog in a decoupled fashion.

Bridging SaaS components into an ODA ecosystem—Innovation Award Winner

03Maintain customer data quality and consistency across all applications

Because customer, order, product, and asset data is often spread across multiple systems and applications, use an industry standard data model to help you normalize that data.

04Co-exist and evolve, across environments

Use application- and vendor-agnostic approaches to operate your business successfully in a multivendor environment.

TM Forum report: Attaining agility and beating disruptors at their own game

The features of Oracle Digital Experience for Communications—CX framework

Faster time to market

Decouple CX from IT. Industry-standard interfaces, APIs, and data models enable decoupling of systems of engagement from systems of record, lowering risk and cost while improving the value of your existing IT investments. Introduce innovations to the market faster and enable more deliberate transformation of underlying mission-critical systems.

User experience

Deliver leading employee and customer experiences by leveraging Oracle’s next-generation, AI-driven user experience. Use open APIs to deliver complete solution capabilities within your own experiences.

Adaptive data quality

Maintain customer data quality and consistency across your Digital Experience for Communications and other existing applications. Optimize business performance with distributed subscription mastering protocol. Focus on innovating with an orderly and reliable change management lifecycle.

Real-time event data

Stay agile with event-driven data propagation across applications, including business intelligence, using an industry-standard model for customer events. Respond to key customer events in real time to drive highly contextual user engagements.

Discover the core capabilities of Digital Experience for Communications.

Use data and AI to launch offers, acquire and retain customers, deliver omnichannel commerce and customer care, and fulfill and monetize services at scale.

"Oracle is further demonstrating the industry value of adopting extensible open APIs to expose and consume a catalog of capabilities to drive innovation and monetization of new products and services."

George Glass, Vice President, Architecture and APIs, TM Forum
Thought Leadership

My top takeaways from Digital Transformation World Series

Jason Rutherford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Communications, Applications

TM Forum recently concluded their virtual Digital Transformation World Series (DTWS). Which, as always, worked to tackle the top challenges facing the Communications industry. There were multiple opportunities for debate, discussion, and collaboration on how best to move forward in today’s 5G world.

Throughout the course of the four-week event, I interacted with many of our customers, delivered a keynote address, and joined multiple CXO sessions. Read this post below to read my top four takeaways from DTWS, including: 5G growth centers, what drives digital transformation, cloud and automation, and more.

Read our point of view on each of these themes and how we are bringing them to life in our product strategy.

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Gaining agility and beating disruptors at their own game

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