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Oracle Fusion Marketing

In an increasingly digital world, marketing automation is struggling to keep up and CRM doesn’t help sellers sell. Oracle Fusion Marketing automates lead generation and qualification from campaigns that span traditional marketing and advertising channels. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Fusion Marketing automatically scores leads at the account level, predicts when buyers are ready to talk to a salesperson, and generates qualified sales opportunities in any CRM system.

Introducing the future of CRM

See how Oracle Fusion Sales Cloud improves sales productivity and creates better experiences for your buyers.

The next generation of marketing automation

Automated lead generation and qualification

We engineered the process, so you don’t have to. Fusion Marketing simplifies and accelerates the creation and execution of marketing campaigns by automating the end-to-end process of lead generation and qualification.

Built-in, targeted advertising

Advertising is part of the engineered process. Fusion Marketing will automatically generate a highly targeted audience profile for your integrated online advertising campaign to target people who are potentially relevant, but unknown to your contact database.

Consistent, personalized content

Personalize reference content and ensure consistency across ads, emails, and microsites. Based on the focus of the campaign and specific industry of each customer, Fusion Marketing recommends the best reference stories to promote in the campaign.

Opportunity scoring at the account level

Rather than evaluating opportunities based on individual contacts, Fusion Marketing automatically aggregates the interest shown by individual contacts within the same account to create an account level score that more accurately reflects the quality of the opportunity.

Explore Fusion Marketing

Build and expand your target audience

Reach the best audience for your campaign by choosing the product or service that is the focus of the campaign, then selecting a list of known contacts from your customer database, including Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform, or any CRM system. You can expand the reach of your campaign to unknown contacts by creating an audience profile for use in advertising.

  • Highly targeted audience profiles
  • Integrated audience sources
  • Built-in, targeted advertising
  • Multichannel audience activation
  • Intuitive user interface

Personalized and consistent content and reference stories

Include relevant customer reference stories consistently across advertising, email, and microsites. Using Oracle Content Management as the underlying content repository, Fusion Marketing recommends the best customer reference stories for individuals and audiences based on their product interest and industry.

  • Content recommendations based on offer and industry
  • Consistent content across marketing channels
  • Centralized content repository for all marketing assets
  • Access to brand-approved templates

Cross-channel campaign configuration across advertising, email, and microsites

Design and launch personalized and coordinated campaigns across email, paid advertising, and microsites from a single user interface. Fusion Marketing connects Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, Oracle Content Management and Oracle Advertising through a guided workflow, making it easier for marketers to create and execute campaigns across paid and owned media.

  • Step-by-step campaign configuration
  • Intelligent content recommendation
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integrated paid advertising
  • Easy campaign activation

Measure the performance of your campaigns

Use a variety of dashboards to review crucial campaign metrics and identify opportunities for improvement. Access heatmaps to see engagement on your landing pages and emails, review at-a-glance metrics to evaluate which audience segments are engaging in your campaigns, and filter campaign data by any of your segment attributes, including industry or account.

  • Heatmap view of landing page and email engagement
  • Asset and campaign specific dashboards
  • View by segments, industries, or accounts

Deliver qualified opportunities to any CRM system

Move away from marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and pass the highest quality opportunities directly into your CRM. Fusion Marketing automatically aggregates the interest shown by individual contacts within the same account to create an account level score that more accurately reflects the quality of the opportunity. Then, it identifies the most qualified opportunities and delivers them into your CRM system, ready for your sellers to take action.

  • Account engagement score
  • Automated opportunity flow to sales
  • Opportunity contact ranking
  • Detailed account activity reports

B2B marketing automation built to help you sell more

Simplify campaign build and launch

By automating mundane tasks and offering guided workflows for campaign setup, you make it easier for marketers to build and run campaigns.

Offer consistent messages across marketing channels

When campaigns are personalized and consistent across marketing and advertising channels, your customers and prospects are more likely to engage with your content and have a positive customer experience.

Increase the quality of opportunities delivered to sales

With high-quality opportunities delivered directly to your CRM system, your sales teams have conversation-ready opportunities for immediate follow-up.

Accelerate sales cycles and grow revenue

By automating lead generation and qualification, your sales team can focus on building relationships with their customers.

Customer perspective

Aon drives digital transformation across their sales team

Like many B2B companies, Aon is transitioning their marketing and sales teams to be more digitally enabled. Both teams need more from their CRM. See how Oracle solutions are helping Aon become digitally empowered and grow their business.

Partner spotlight

Accenture and Oracle confront CRM implementation challenges head-on

Avoid the common errors companies make when implementing marketing and CRM systems. By automating and connecting advertising, marketing, and sales processes and ensuring consistent content and references, you can change your CRM into a selling tool.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

A post-pandemic paradigm for marketers

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle

Oracle Fusion Marketing provides the new paradigm we need: Automation at the task level, so that we can focus on strategy and creating great assets, while an AI-driven system ensures the right creative is going to the right audience in a timely fashion. The world of B2B buying is never going back to the way it was before, and neither should B2B marketing.

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