Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization

Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization provides advanced website testing, real-time behavioral targeting, in-session personalization, and product recommendations across websites and mobile apps. The solution also offers real-time personalization for B2C and B2B marketing campaigns to increase speed to market and improve customer experiences.

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Maxymiser Cloud Services have been assigned End-of-Life status. The last date for all of these services will be May 31, 2024.

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Effective testing and targeting

Find what works and what converts. With seamless switching between visual editing and code, Maxymiser’s visual editor supports nontechnical and technical user collaboration. Whether running A/B testing or complex, multipage funnel testing, the process is easy.

Ingest data for testing

Test the entire customer experience by pulling in audience data from any marketing platform or third-party business source and combining it with Oracle Maxymiser’s session data to build a complete customer view.

Drive strategic testing

Conduct A/B and multivariate testing and segment traffic to gauge the impact of any number of variables throughout the sales funnel. Discover new testing opportunities and gain additional insights into your customers’ digital experience with Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence-powered Heatmaps.

Leverage data for targeting

Access accurate business insights to effectively segment and target audiences to gain customers and drive revenue.

Real-time personalization and recommendations

With Oracle Maxymiser, B2B and B2C marketers have an easy-to-use import tool to use data from any source and build customer profiles for more precise targeting, personalization, and recommendations.

Deliver tailored experiences

Leverage data from in-session activity, CRM, and your data management platform (DMP) to tailor experiences and respond to customer behavior with relevant offers and messaging. Reduce customer frustration, cart abandonment, and bounce rates.

Make good recommendations

Effortlessly inject, configure, and deploy real-time recommendations at any point in the customer journey with easy-to-use dashboards powered by machine learning, without the need for IT involvement.

Go live quickly

Get non-technical teams up and running with a full suite of personalization, recommendation, and testing capabilities that are easy to implement through a single line of code.

Data-driven insights

Discover the most promising opportunities and drive incremental revenue with automated insight capabilities. Mine test data to automatically uncover customer preferences to know exactly why and where to personalize.

Understand website clicks

View digital behavior to understand where to focus, who to target, and how to engage. With Heatmaps, powered by Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, you can visualize customer behavior, such as clicks and scrolling, right on the page.

Analyze abandoned sessions

See which visitors aren’t converting, analyze sales funnel engagement drop-off, and uncover detailed information about conversions through automated analyses of customer data.

Leverage insights for growth

Transform your marketing strategy, programs, and tactics to accelerate positive business outcomes by using actionable data-driven insights that can be quickly implemented.

Mobile app optimization and personalization

Build and deliver tests with an intuitive visual editor that works across apps, websites, and mobile. No app store submissions or approvals are required, so you can launch tests in record time to quickly see what resonates with customers.

Cross-channel consistency

Create, edit, and launch cross-channel marketing campaigns using a single interface. Rapidly deploy consistent and complementary experiences—including test campaigns—to desktops, smartphones, or tablets.

Fast mobile campaign launch

Get in front of mobile users at a faster pace. Oracle Maxymiser helps reduce time to launch by allowing you to create, edit, and launch app campaigns in real time for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Align mobile strategies

Use best-in-class statistical models to develop mobile experiences that will engage every user. Access the reporting hub to analyze insights to align key metrics to mobile strategy and deploy personalized experiences to app users.

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Key benefits

No development resources needed

Put testing and personalization into the hands of marketers. Test and launch the right campaigns, offers, and promotions at a faster rate without having to rely on costly IT/development resources.

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Boost customer engagement and lifetime value

Increase engagement and loyalty by providing the content, offers, and promotions that resonate best with each visitor, customer, or prospect.

Personalized B2B marketing best practices

Personalized B2C marketing best practices

Timely and accurate decision-making

Employ online and offline data to make timely and accurate decisions using Maxymiser Testing and Optimization’s powerful stats engine.

Achieve consistently higher conversion rates across channels

Create complete, uniform campaigns—that drive conversions and revenue—across all digital marketing channels (web, mobile, and apps).

Ease of use accelerates time to value

Quickly deploy and start testing even the most complex campaigns with an intuitive visual editor.

Maintain security and data privacy

Test all site areas while protecting your data with Oracle Maxymiser’s highly secure platform.

Optimal results—faster

Go beyond simple CTA testing. Conduct A/B and multivariate testing to determine the optimal customer experience and use the test data to reveal customer preferences so you know exactly where to personalize.

Mazda Motor Europe implements Oracle Eloqua

Mazda Motor Europe boosts campaign capabilities with Oracle

"Once we had Eloqua implemented across Europe, we quickly realized that we could achieve even further customer experience benefits by combining Eloqua with Oracle Maxymiser, Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform, Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, and Oracle Data Management Platform."

—Sandy Klama, Manager, Customer Interaction Management, Mazda Motor Europe

MAY 18, 2022

A/B vs. multivariate testing: What’s best for your website?

Christopher Santini, Senior Optimization Consultant, Oracle Maxymiser Professional Services

Once you’ve decided to test the effectiveness of your website, it can be difficult to start. Maybe you’re now sure what website testing is or what strategy you should follow. Or, if you should use A/B or multivariate testing, A/B testing and multivariate testing strategies possess distinct sets of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to website optimization. Let’s compare the two and determine which is the best option for your website.

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A/B testing

A/B testing—also called split testing or bucket testing—compares the performance of two versions of content to see which one appeals more to visitors/viewers. It tests a control (A) version against a variant (B) version to measure which one is most successful based on your metrics. A/B tests can be conducted on a website, emails, or content.

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