Why choose Oracle Sales vs. Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Top three reasons to choose Oracle Sales for your CRM


A unified front- and back-office customer platform

Increase business agility, plan smarter, and streamline sales processes across your business by bringing together your CRM, ERP, and HCM systems on a common Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications platform. Oracle Sales is a complete CRM solution that unifies key selling processes to back-office systems. These comprehensive solutions enable you to solve business challenges without costly add-ons. Improve your sales planning, forecasting, and revenue generation with the most complete and unified cloud application suite.


Go beyond a 360-degree view

Oracle Cloud CX was specifically architected to maintain a single and complete customer 360 view shared across your business to make every customer interaction matter. Oracle Sales unifies customer data across sales, marketing, customer service, ecommerce, supply chain, and finance, combining real-time and lifetime data to deliver an accurate and complete 360-degree view of your customers.

We take customer data management further with AI-sourced account intelligence to help you easily monitor news and key milestones on prospects so you can improve the relevance and personalization of your outreach. For the past forty years, Oracle has led the way in data management. We’ve been developing CX data solutions well before Salesforce’s launch of Data Cloud (Genie). Our expertise with data provides you with the capacity to provide tailored experiences to customers in real time, and we continue to fully deliver on our mission to help people see data in new ways.


Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Maximize your CRM investment, minimize integration costs, and avoid billing surprises with our complete application suite. Unlike Salesforce, which scatters their systems and your data across public clouds, we run a complete portfolio of applications and cloud services on our next-generation cloud infrastructure, eliminating swaths of operational overhead.

Our unified data model extends beyond CRM to include HCM, ERP, and SCM—saving you implementation and integration maintenance efforts while streamlining sales forecasting and planning. Compared to Salesforce’s overreliance on their AppExchange, which will sap your CRM strength with increased technical debt and unplanned costs. We don’t rely on a raft of third-party integrations to fill feature gaps. Instead, we offer a complete CX solution that unifies your business from end to end to help you drive more revenue.

Make every customer interaction matter with Oracle Sales

Sales automation and CRM software simulation (1:41)

Empower your sellers to generate more revenue with a next-generation Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution. First- and second-generation solutions, such as Salesforce, tend to focus on accountability and forecasting. Instead, Oracle Sales acts as a system of recommendation, helping you and your sellers drive more sales by focusing on the right deals at the right time and providing the customer intelligence necessary to deliver the right message in moments that matter.

Unlike Salesforce, which relies on third-party vendors to fill gaps around sales planning and performance management, Oracle Sales provides a complete solution—encompassing Sales Force Automation, Sales Performance Management, Sales Planning, and revenue operations—that connects sales processes natively on a unified platform for more streamlined sales operations. Ensuring you’re ready to execute your sales strategy on day one is easier with a complete sales planning and incentive compensation solution.

Oracle Sales is the one-platform sales solution that helps you engage customers earlier, accelerate deals, and drive more revenue. Reduce IT complexities and deliver customer intelligence when and where you need it most by connecting your business end to end on a common unified platform.

The path to sales success: score your organization’s sales strategy.

We consider ourselves a technology company, and we’re constantly trying to innovate on behalf of our customers. With Oracle, there are so many capabilities for us right out of the box. There’s a great advantage to having all our systems under Oracle.

Trevor Persaud, Director, Revenue Cycle, Edmunds.com

Oracle Sales customer success stories

Customers choose Oracle Sales because we make selling and driving revenue easier. By connecting all data and processes on a unified platform, you benefit from a single, dynamic view of each customer and can scale quickly, build customer loyalty, and make every customer interaction matter.

Compare Oracle Sales vs. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Partnering with Salesforce can lead to expensive data integrations with marketing, service, commerce, and ERP providers. With Oracle, you can leverage a common data set across all your CX, ERP, and HCM solutions to better understand your customers and provide them with experiences tailored to their needs. See how Oracle compares across CX including marketing, customer service, and customer loyalty.

Business advantages
A complete sales performance management and incentive compensation
Predictive analytics and forecasting
Limited solution
Social collaboration
Limited solution
Dynamic dashboards
Limited solution
Customer data management
Unavailable / Partner Solution
Packaged ERP integration
Unavailable / Partner Solution

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